VTJ announces June 21st return to Osaka, D-NET “Grapplers Crown” tournament opens


Vale Tudo Japan has released its first date for 2015.  VTJ in Osaka will take place on June 21st in Osaka, Japan.

VTJ will be back at the Bodymaker Coliseum.  None of the matches have been announced.

The event will feature another grappling tournament run by D-NET called “Grapplers Crown”  It will be in the judo hall of the venue on the same day.  Two tournaments will be held, one at 61.2 kgs and one at 70.3 kgs.  Special grappling matches will also be features, with competitors to be announced at a later date.

VTJ 5th was held in Osaka last summer, and a successful turnout guaranteed the return appearance. At VTJ 5th, the Flyweight tournament semifinalists met. Czar Sklavos ground out a UD from Ryuichi Miki and Hiromasa Ogikubo choked out Kana Hyatt to put them in the final bracket.

Two important things have yet to be announced. VTJ 5th had a live stream on Nico Nico, and hopefully the same will be announced for the Osaka return. Additionally, this event wasn’t numbered, suggesting there could be an announcement of a preceding event in Tokyo.


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