Bae Myung-Ho gets a 30-second guillotine at Angel’s Fighting 8

Bae Myung-Ho wins at Angel's Fighting 8
Bae Myung-Ho wins at Angel’s Fighting 8

At Angel’s Fighting 8 on 15 October, welterweight champion Bae Myung-Ho earned a 30 second tap to a guillotine in a non-title match.

Myung-Ho Bae faced a late notice stand in, Yuto Nakajima, when Rodrigo Caporal was sick and missed weight. Bae spared the brave Nakajima from much harm by jumping guard with a guillotine and getting the tap quickly.

It was expected that striker Min-Gu Lee would make quick work of green grappler Kyohei Hagiwara, but just how was the surprising part. Hagiwara came out punching, and Lee came back with a trip to side control, from where he positioned and got a tap to an armbar.

Jin-Soo Seo landed sporadic shots on Hyo-Min Lee through the first round without much coming back at him; he even showboated. Lee tried to put something out in the second with a level change and shoot, but he got mounted and punched out for his efforts. Seo saw the towel being thrown in so he was able to stop his assault.

Sung-Won Jo punches Tae-Ho Jin at Angel's Fighting 8
Sung-Won Jo punches Tae-Ho Jin at Angel’s Fighting 8

Sung-Won Jo and Tae-Ho Jin took their turns putting on the heat with a first round going to Jo and a second to Jin. Jo was able to get a reversal and finish strong, so the judges awarded him the split decision.

In the only women’s bout on the card, Team MAD’s Hyun-Ji Jang and MMA Story’s Seo-Woo Yang threw kicks and punches at each other without pause in the first. Jang upped her output and landed a lot on the second, so Yang came back with a takedown and near back choke. Jang reversed a takedown to finish strong with her own back take, and she earned the split decision.

Ji-Won Kang weathered a body kick and some smashing from Myung-Hwan Kim, but was able to come back with a knockdown of his own, and earned the first round TKO.

Hyun-Ji Jang pounds on Seo-Woo Yang at Angel's Fighting 8
Hyun-Ji Jang pounds on Seo-Woo Yang at Angel’s Fighting 8

Angel’s Fighting 8
15 October 2018
Seoul, South Korea

#8 Welterweight
Myung Ho Bae def Yuto Nakajima by Submission, guillotine, R1 0:30

#7 Catchweight
Min-Gu Lee def Kyohei Hagiwara by Submission, armbar, R1

#6 Featherweight Kickboxing
Dae-Won Lee def Jae-Hyuk Lee by TKO, R1

#5 Bantamweight
Jin-Soo Seo def Hyo-Min Lee by TKO, R2

#4 Lightweight
Sung-Won Jo def Tae-Ho Jin by Split Decision

#3 Women’s Strawweight
Hyun-Ji Jang def Seo-Woo Yang by Split Decision

#2 Heavyweight
Ji-Won Kang def Myung-Hwan Kim by TKO, R1

#1 Middleweight Kickboxing
Jae-Geun Yang def Sang-Ho Kim by Split Decision


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