CHOI DOO-HO to make UFC debut in May



“Korean Superboy” Choi Doo-Ho has announced via the Korean MMA news site MFight that he expects to make his UFC debut in May, either in Philippines or in the USA.

Choi has suffered a few set backs in his career due to injury, most recently his shoulder which was hurt going into his last bout in DEEP. He has now gone through extensive rehabilitation to his shoulder and elbow, and his doctor puts him at 90% recovered. While Choi’s career has been sparse because of negotiations and injuries through the past two years, he is only 22 years old and can afford to be patient and calculating. His debut will come after an almost six-month signing period with the UFC.

Choi is 11-1 with eight knockouts, five of which are from his recent streak. He holds wins over the upper echelons in DEEP, a fearsome featherweight with fast hands, lots of power, and to round out the “f”s, ferocity.

Additionally, Choi’s statements throw fuel on the fire regarding the UFC’s often whispered about foray into the Philippines, which is thought to be expected around summer of 2014.