DEEP 63rd Impact: 2 Titles, 3 Koreans, Sentoryu Retires



DEEP 63rd Impact takes place in Tokyo on August 25, 2013.  The event will feature Sentoryu’s Retirement bout with Kaz, Flyweight and Megaton Championships, and DEEP vs ROAD FC.

DEEP 63rd Impact will be Henry “Sentoryu” Miller‘s retirement bout against Kazuhiro Nakamura. Sentoryu was born in Japan then spent his formative years in the US, where he wrestled throughout school. Afterwards, he returned to Japan and slowly climbed the ranks of a Sumo wrestler, most famously defeating Asashōryū in their only match. His fighting spirit was well-known and appreciated before he even started in MMA. Sentoryu’s MMA career began in 2004’s PRIDE’s Heavyweight Grand Prix, and was spent mostly in Japan in the HEAT promotion. His fighting spirit prevailed, even while possessing an upside down record, and he stepped in the cage again and again in his Super Heavyweight division that continually produced the most beastly KOs.

Yuki Motoya became the inaugural Flyweight Champion of DEEP precisely one year ago by reaching the tournament’s apex. The scrambling submission scrapper will look to finish as per his usual exciting style. Challenging for the belt is Tatsumitsu Wada, who cemented his status with a stellar 2011 and whom has already fought some of the best in Japan’s smaller division. Mixed results in 2012 saw him beat Takafumi Otsuka then fall to Yoshiro Maeda, then in 2013 he avenged a previous draw over Yusaku Nakamura and earned a title shot.

Megaton phenom Ken Hasegawa is undefeated in his run up to the championship. Albeit a slim division at the top of the weights, there are still matches to make as proves Hasegawa’s next challenge – his toughest to date. Hirohide Fujinuma is riding a 6-win streak since his return to MMA in 2009. Both are going to trade punches in what will be a very brutal match.

At ROAD FC 12 in Korea, four out of five Japanese fighters suffered shocking defeat at the hands of Korean counterparts. DEEP Boss Shigeru Saeki and ROAD FC CEO Jung MoonHong worked together to put three Japanese opponents up against three Korean opponents for a fostering of MMA on both sides of the Sea of Japan, growing MMA stronger through mutually beneficial contests.

DEEP 63rd Impact – DEEP vs ROAD FC
August 25, 2013
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

戦闘竜引退試合 無差別級 – Sentoryu’s Retirement match
中村和裕 (18-11)(チームカズ/DEEPミドル級王者)Kazuhiro Nakamura
戦闘竜 (6-15) (米国/ファイティング・ドラゴン)Henry Sentoryu Miller

DEEPフライ級(58.5kg)タイトルマッチ 5分3R – Flyweight Championship
元谷友貴 (7-3)(CBインパクト/王者)Yuki Motoya – Champion
和田竜光 (9-7-2)(吉田道場/挑戦者)Tatsumitsu Wada

DEEPメガトン級(無差別)タイトルマッチ 5分2R – Megaton Championship
長谷川賢 (6-0)(キングダムエルガイツ/王者)Ken Hasegawa
藤沼弘秀 (12-4-2)(NEXUSENSE/挑戦者)Hirohide Fujinuma

菊野克紀 (20-5)(ALIANCE) Kikuno Katsunori
イ・ヨンジェ (7-3)(ROAD FC/CMA KOREA)Lee YongJae

長倉立尚 (7-4)(吉田道場)Tatsunao Nagakura
ファン・オクヨン(ROAD FC/CMA KOREA)Hwan OkYong

北田俊亮 (14-6)(パラエストラ千葉)Toshiyaki Kitada
グァク・ミョンシク (2-4)(ROAD FC/CMA KOREA)Kwak MyungSik

岩瀬茂俊 (12-14-4)(T-BLOOD)Shigetoshi Iwase
悠太 (16-5-4)(ALLIANCE)Yuta Watanabe

釜谷 真 (22-12-2)(Honey Trap)Makoto Kamaya
恒村俊範 (6-2-2)(GRABAKA)Toshinori Tsunemura

小島壮太 (11-4-4)(吉田道場)Sotaro Kojima
中村龍之 (2-5-3)(IMPACT GYM)Tatsuyuki Nakamura

津田勝憲 (6-2-1)(総合格闘技津田沼道場)Katsunori Tsuda
芦田崇宏 (9-1-2)(BRAVE) Takahiro Ashida

片平なぎさ (6-0-1)(CBインパクト)Kokichi Katahira
中倉三四郎 (2-0)(Fighting Ties)Sanshiro Nakakura

オープニングファイト Opening bout
高橋憲次郎 (4-3)(マッハ道場)Kenjiro Takahashi
青山祐大 (6-7-3)(ALLIANCE)Yudai Aoyama

オープニングファイト Opnening bout
永瀬 功 (6-4-3)(GRABAKA)Isamu Nagase
藤澤優作 (7-4-1)(禅道会)Yusaku Fujisawa

オープニングファイト Opening fight
石橋幸太 (2-7)(総合格闘技DOBUITA)Kota Ishibashi
板谷一樹 (4-8-4)(GRABAKA)Kazuki Itaya