Dong Hyun Kim is not a fan of his “grubby” opponent

Dong Hyun Kim
Dong Hyun Kim

UFC fighter Dong Hyun Kim would rather feed punches than eat them – but there’s something he likes a whole lot less.


Kim is a regular on the Korean show “Let’s Go” which comically sets people in the historical environment of the Chosun Dynasty to see how they react to experiences that were common during that time. In this clip, Kim is introduced to his next challenge – eating a grub – and he fails miserably. While folks are eating live octopus in Tokyo and fried scorpions in Beijing, Kim is not even good at faking toughness in front of a grub.

Kim’s future challenge – thankfully for him, back in the Octagon – will be a co-main event match with Tyron Woodley at UFC Macau on August 23, 2014.