Dong-Hyun Kim writes a book, adds chickens and watermelons to his training regimen

Dong-Hyun Kim's new book
Dong-Hyun Kim’s new book

Korea’s stand out mixed martial artist Dong-Hyun Kim has just published a self-written book ahead of his next challenge at UFC Macau on August 23, 2014.


It is titled “Kim Dong-Hyun’s Mental Lessons”. The book is somewhat of a cross between autobiography and instructional – although teaching MMA is not the point. The Korean psyche is very in tune with society which stems from a Confucian hierarchy and extends to the benefitting of the country as a whole. Kim sees himself at a point in his career having accomplished a great deal and at the same time poised to climb a huge mountain towards the UFC Welterweight Championship. The struggles he’s encountered on the way, and how he’s surmounted them, make up the gist of the knowledge he imparts in his manuscript.

Kim takes the reader through his university days, his decision to start MMA, and his transition into the UFC. One of the most interesting points is that he once contemplated retiring. Kim thought the pinnacle of his career was his loss to Carlos Condit. He thought it was his limit, that he could go no further. But words of advice from a Koeran star who was a fan of his and an amateur boxer, Kim Young-Ho, resounded in his head. The actor kept telling him that he had really good hands, that he is champion material. With renewed heart, Kim soldiered on to make it to his current rank of #9 in the UFC welterweight division.

Korean readers can purchase the book online at here.

With the publication, Kim cements his celebrity status in Korea. He appears in commercials, at events, and all over the UFC promotional spots on television. While Kim is the “big brother” at Team MAD and known by his teammates there and in Japan as a hard training partner, he also possesses a wry sense of humor. Hi latest spots on SuperAction show this off well. On the heels of Kim’s recent misadventures with a grub (as we detailed here), he’s turned his focus to inanimate objects: chickens and watermelons. Check out the video spots below.


dong hyun kim
Dong-Hyun Kim in SuperAction TVC


Here’s a shot of Dong-Hyun Kim’s actual training. Tough group of guys.


Dong-Hyun Kim training in Japan
Dong-Hyun Kim training in Japan