ISSEI TAMURA on his ROAD FC debut, life after the UFC



Issei Tamura ran a term in the UFC after getting picked up last minute to fight Zhang TieQuan at UFC 144 return to Japan. He KOed the Chinese representative in 33 seconds and put himself on the radar. While his next couple of fights were not as successful – a result of having been thrown in at the deep end as a Krazy Bee banger – he still has a career in front of him. Tamura has been picked up swiftly by ROAD FC and deposited into the bantamweight pool, a strong division in ROAD FC that currently features quite a few Korean up and comers to watch.

MMA-in-ASIA spoke with Tamura prior to his debut with the promotion, and he shared his game plan for the fight with former contender Song MinJong.

MMA-in-ASIA: When you were cut from the UFC, what were you feeling?

Issei:  I wasn’t happy about it at all of course. But then I quickly got signed by ROAD FC, so I’m really thrilled about that. I see a long future ahead with ROAD FC.

MMA-in-ASIA: How did you feel about your fights in the UFC, about the level?

Issei:  It’s very, very high. I thnk one day I’d like to try again, but right now, with ROAD FC, I’m very, very happy.

MMA-in-ASIA: Have you watched ROAD FC events before?

Yes, I have. It’s very good. The fighters are strong and have good technique.

MMA-in-ASIA: Have you studied your opponent?

Yeah, our styles are a little bit close. We both like going for takedowns. My game plan is to mix it up with him. I will strike and feint for a takedown, and feint a take down then strike.

MMA-in-ASIA: ROAD FC is planning on going to Japan next year, what do you think about that?

Oh, it’s great. I want to have a title fight. I want a ROAD FC title.

MMA-in-ASIA: Did you see Song MinJong’s title fight?

Yes. I think our styles together will make an exciting fight.

MMA-in-ASIA: What are you working on at Krazy Bee for this fight?

Stand up, jiujitsu, everything. I’m working on grappling mostly for this fight. I’m running, sparring, boxing training, grappling. But what I will do is to adjust to Song MinJong’s style.

MMA-in-ASIA: Who are you grappling with?

Kyoji Horiguchi. And boxing with Kotetsu Boku.

MMA-in-ASIA: Song’s condition is great, how is yours?

Good. No problem. Three rounds will be very easy. I think I want to go three rounds, and finish him in the third. I’d like to show a full exciting fight!

MMA-in-ASIA: What are your hobbies outside of MMA?

I like motorcycles! Harley Davidson, the old style. I like knucklehead, chopper. I have one. But I haven’t been riding it much recently because I’m very tired.

MMA-in-ASIA: What will you do after your fight?

I’ll go with Kyoji to Houston for his fight in the UFC.

MMA-in-ASIA: What about right after the fight? Will you have a beer, or not drink like Japanese fighters do?

If we get hit in the head, we won’t drink. If not, then we can drink. I will have a beer.