Ricardo Ramos takes a split at over Kang Kyung-Ho at UFC 227

Kang Kung-Ho vs Ricardo Ramos at UFC 227
Kang Kung-Ho vs Ricardo Ramos at UFC 227

Kang Kyung-Ho exhibited a different style yet again as he took Ricardo Ramos the distance at UFC 227. It seemed as if Kang was up on the score cards into the third, with the delivery of tons of shots, but two of the judges saw it otherwise.

In the opening round, Ramos came out aggressive with leg kicks and spinning attacks. Kang weathered the attacks, remained calm, and upped his counters via hooks and jabs. The situation played out several times, with Ramos landing more but taking some damage from Kang.

Kang was able to land two takedowns, the second by ducking under a spinning elbow, but each time Ramos was quick back to his feet.

In the second round, Ramos aggressively upped his output, and Kang caught a kick and tripped him onto his butt for it. Kang dove into guard, which wasn’t the best place to be, as Ramos threw up elbows from the bottom. Ramos swivelled his hips looking for a submission and attacked the leg.

Kang was able to slither out of the attempt but he missed a guillotine of his own. At the bell it looked to be anyone’s game to win.

The final round saw both men sporadically trading single shots while edging closer into the pocket. That’s when Kang started his offense with punches in bunches sprinkled with leg kicks. Ramos also did good work with his jab, but Kang was much more active with hooks and even body shots. Ramos shot for a last ditch takedown near the end and got the single, but Kang popped up and again landed on him.

Metrics weren’t shown of the fight, but it seemed like Kang’s output and ratio landed in the third should have given him the points, and his takedowns with top position throughout should have counted. However, without his grappling acumen showing through, it was in the hands of the judges who awarded the split to Ramos.

Ricardo Ramos def Kang Kyung-Ho by split decision.


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