Unless you read Russian, Korean, or track Fedor’s every move across the globe, it’s likely you didn’t know about the recently relaunched M-1 selection trials the happened in Mokpo, South Korea today.  Other than these pictures from MFight and a few results from people on the ground, there’s not much else we can offer at this time.  The event was not listed on Sherdog’s M-1 profile, and the M-1 Global site will not open.

Courtesy Lee KwangHee

Here are the results we are able to obtain from MFight and other Korean sources:

Korean Top Team went 3-1 with their players at the event.
Lee KwangHee defeated Japan’s Abe Michito by submission, RNC, in rd 1, 1:54.
Kim KyuHyun winner by decision.
Kim DooHwan winner by KO, rd 1.


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