NAM YUICHUL, ROAD FC Lightweight Champ, signs to UFC



Nam YuiChul, ROAD FC 1-time defending Lightweight Champion, has signed a contract to enter the UFC. ROAD FC CEO Jung MoonHong released Nam from his contract and gave his blessing.

Nam YuiChul (17-4-1) has been a polarizing figure in Korea’s MMA scene. Long recognized as one of the country’s top lightweights, he finally had the chance to prove it in the 2012 ROAD FC Lightweight Tournament. “The Korean Bulldozer” – so named for his barreling tenacity – met and KOed his first opponent Masahiro Toryu in under 2 minutes. His next fight saw him push power striker Vuyisile Colossa to a split decision. That set him into the finals against top Japanese fighter Kume Takasuke. In an all out war that ran the gamut from throws, crazy punching, and scrambles on the ground, the ROAD FC judges asked for a fourth round because they could not clearly pull a winner from the action. Nam responded by conclusively proving he deserved to win the belt.

A rematch with Kume was the first order of Nam’s new reign. He handled the rematch with great savvy and proved any naysayers wrong about who was the better man. As the UFC began to increase its presence in Asia, Nam was obviously a candidate in whom they were interested. However, the Korean Bulldozer grew quite vocal about his intent to stand up for and stick with his homegrown promotion unless the deal was fair. Outspoken boss Jung agreed, but stated that he would allow his champion to fly from the fold if the conditions respected his status.

The conditions for Nam have been agreed to between both parties, and he should enter UFC competition within early 2014, following recuperation from a minor injury.