Revolution 2 card: Leica vs Lim Soo-Jeong, Choi Hong-Man returns, Myung vs Nakamura main event

Revolution 2
Revolution 2

Finally, it’s going down! Revolution 2 is taking place this Friday, September 12th in Seoul, South Korea.


This card will feature a little bit of everything that is expected from a new promotion trying to make a name in the growing sport of mixed martial arts. From ex-world champions to celebrities trying their hands at combat sports, this event will be full of surprises.

Perhaps the most intriguing matchup on this card for purists is between two former combat sport champions, “Beautiful Fighter” Lim Soo-Jeong and “Leica” Emiko Raika. Both fighters will be making their first appearance under MMA rules, so this should be interesting to say the least.

Champion vs Champion: “Beautiful Fighter” Lim Soo-Jeong vs “Leica” Emiko Raika


Lim, 28, has been fighting professionally as a kickboxing specialist for more than 10 years, mostly in Thailand and South Korea. Even though she is still young, she does not lack big fight experience, being that she has been a champion in four different organizations in Asia. Back in 2009, the “Beautiful Fighter” had her most notable win against Rena Kubota, a former shoot boxing champion, at K-1 Award and Max Korea. In this coming event, Lim is looking to bounce back from a decision loss that happened last year in October to Iman Chairi in Thailand.

“Leica” Emiko Raika, 39, is a Japanese boxing legend. Throughout her storied career, she has won world titles in three different weight classes. Raika made her boxing debut in 2000 and since then has been in many wars proving she is battle tested. She is one of the toughest women fighters to ever come out of Asia. Eleven years the senior, she will be taking in her experience and big fight knowledge into the ring. Nevertheless, “Leica” is going into this match trying to prove that being young doesn’t mean anything.

 Techno Goliath Choi Hong-Man vs Carlos Toyota


Returning from a five year hiatus, Choi Hong-Man is back and looking 40kgs lighter, literally. Walking around at 120 kgs now, he is a lot leaner. The Techno Goliath started off as a ssireum wrestler, a traditional Korean sport, and has over the years transitioned to kickboxing and MMA. Most notably, his success has come as a kickboxer under the K-1 banner with wins over many standouts such as Mighty Mo, Gary Goodridge and Semmy Schilt. However, his MMA career has been a different story. His only two wins are over Jose Canseco, a former MLB player, and Bobby Ologun, a TV personality in Japan.

On the other side of the ring will be standing Carlos Toyota from Shizuoka, Japan. Most of his matches have taken place in his home country for DEEP, HEAT, and Gladiator. He is a natural middleweight and will be giving up a lot of size and reach in this contest. Toyota is coming off of three straight decision losses and has not fought since December of 2011. This will be the first time fighting in Korea and competing in an openweight bout.

Pop Idol Kim Tae-Heon vs “Iron Horse” Tanaka


In the co-main event of the night, it will be idol group member, Kim Tae-Heon, versus Team Banana representative, “Iron Horse” Tanaka. Kim has been training with and coached by “The Korean Zombie” Jung Chan-Sung. He has been participating in all the rigorous training that all of the athletes at the gym go through, so he will be ready for anything. Tanaka, nonetheless, has something that Kim does not possess, which is actual experience in competition. Even though “Iron Horse” does not have a good record, he will be ready for what the boy band member will throw at him.

The main event of the night, Myung Hyun-Man against Nakamura Yuta, features two combatants that are on totally different sides of the fight spectrum.

Myung, a heavyweight prospect from Nova MMA, is a kickboxer with massive power in his hands. In his debut at Revolution 1 back in March of 2013, he brutally TKO’d Kim Doo-Hwan in the third round. Myung will be looking to keep the fight on the feet so he can have a repeat performance. On the other side, Nakamura Yuta is a veteran of the sport with 33 recorded bouts and a Middleweight title in Gladiator. Although he is fighting out of T-Rex Jiu-Jitsu Academy, he has ten knockout wins during his 11 year career. Nakamura has fought at as low as bantamweight and as high as middleweight but never has he faced anyone the size of Myung. All of these variables make for a exciting main event.


Revolution 2
September 12, 2014
Olympic Park SK Handball Gymnasium
Seoul, South Korea

Full Card
민경민 (탑 클레스) vs 김성수 (죠슈아 짐)
1. Min Kyung-Min vs Kim Seong-Soo Lightweight (-70)

장용호 (국제체육관) vs 문성규 (팀 와코)
2. Jang Yong-Ho vs Moon Seong-Gyu Featherweight (-66)

이성종 (천안MMA) vs 조지 야노
3. Lee Seong-Jong vs Joji Yano Catchweight (-75)

김대령 (국제체육관) vs 카도타 마사아키
4. Kim Dae-Ryung vs Kadota Masaki Welterweight (-77)

최홍만 vs 카를로스 토요타
5. Choi Hong-Man (2-3) vs Carlos Toyota (3-6) Openweight

임수정 (삼산이글) vs 레이카
6. Lim Soo-Jeong (0-0) vs “Leica” Emiko Raika (0-0) Catchweight (-58)

김태헌 (국제의아이들) vs 아이언 호스 타나카
7. Co-Main Event: Kim Tae-Heon (0-0) vs “Iron Horse” Tanaka (3-5)
Special Match

명현만 (팀 와코) vs 나카무리 유타
8. Main Event: Myung Hyun-Man (1-0) vs Nakamura Yuta (14-19)