ROAD Fighting Championship 011 takes place tomorrow, April 13th, at the Seoul Olympic Hall.  ROAD FC 011 and Young Guns 7 weigh ins took place today at the Hello APM outdoor stage.  In the freezing cold, all 22 fighters stripped to their shorts and successfully ascended the scale.  All fighters made weight on the first go – official results from the promotion coming in English later on their website.

The Young Guns fighters all looked impressive and fit, with some intense staredowns, notable of which was Song MinJong getting a little boisterous with Allan Yoshihiro. The Majority of the Main Event card were respectful, except for Hyung Suk Lee who got int Murat Kazgan’s face which ended up in a pushing battle. Theier were lots of prize giveaways with trivia for the crowd who seemed to be very pumped about the event. Korean Zombie took the stage at the end, and got shrieks of adoration.