South Korea’s premier MMA promotion ROAD FC has released a further list of fights for their historic tenth event which will take place in Busan at the brand new 4,000 seat BEXCO Arena.

After a successful conclusion of the ROAD FC Central League Amateur event and Young Guns finals try out this past October 15th, the undercard has shaped up with a total of six bouts, including some Korean mainstays returning to the cage. The main card is already stacked with a Heavyweight affair pitting Jeff Monson against South Korean National Champion wrestler Kang DongGook, Shungo Oyama‘s first Middleweight title defense against Lee EunSu, and the Semifinals for the Lightweight tournament. The two additional fights announced are a LHW affair between heartbreak crooner Yuk JinSu versus Kaname Owake, and welterweight Lee DoolHee comes back to ROAD against Park JeongGyo.

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■ 로드FC 10  ROAD FC 10
2012년 11월 24일 부산 벡스코 오디토리움

[-97.5kg급 계약체급매치] Heavyweight Main Event
제프 몬슨 Jeff Monson vs. Kang DongGook 강동국

[미들급 타이틀매치] Middleweight Title Defense
오야마 슌고 Shungo Oyama vs. Lee EunSu 이은수

[라이트급 토너먼트 4강] Lightweight Tournament Semifinals
남의철 Nam YiuChul vs. Vuyisile Colossa 뷰실 콜로사

[라이트급 토너먼트 4강] Lightweight Tournament Semifinals
이용재 Lee YongJae vs. Kume Takasuke 쿠메 타카스케

[라이트헤비급매치] Light Heavyweight bout
육진수 Yun JinSu vs. Kaname Owake 카나메 오오와키

[미들급매치] Middleweight bout
이둘희 Lee DoolHee vs. Park JungGyo 박정교

■ 로드FC 영건스 Young Guns 6

[미들급매치] Middleweight
손혜석 vs. 박일철

[페더급매치] Featherweight
정영삼 Jung YoungSam vs. Heo Yoon 허윤

[밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
문제훈 Moon JaeHoon vs. Kim SungDae 김성재

[페더급매치] Featherweight
정민주 Jung MinJu vs. Hong SungHo 홍성호

[밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
한이문 Han LeeMoon vs. Jung JunHwi 정준회

[밴텀급매치] Bantamweight
알란 요시히로 Alan Yoshihiro vs. Kim HyungSung 김현성


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