ROAD Fighting Championships makes its foray into international broadcasting for its eleventh event with a live pay per view on Ustream. People around the world will be able to watch its PRIDE-esque production value and drop-dead gorgeous round girls live from the newly redesigned Seoul Olympic Stadium. The South Korea-based promotion also takes on some major international level fighters with the signing of Joachim Hansen, Theirry Sokoudju, Minowaman, and Luis Ramos. The undercard entitled “Young Guns 7” – the last of this series – features seven matches vying for the Bantamweight Championship belt with the semifinals to be held the same night following the quarterfinals.

The Main Event features the Lightweight Championship between Nam YuiChul and Kume Takasuke, the culmination of a 16-man tournament which began in 2012. Nam has become the darling of Korea, winning fans with his strength and determination in the cage. Kume entered the tournament with only one loss on his record and has quickly won by submission in each bracket. These two fighters are polar opposites in their strategies, with Nam waging there round grinding battles with so many of his tough opponents, and Kume never letting his opponent see the end of the third round in over two years.

South Korea welcomes the massively popular and top ranked former Shooto and DREAM Champion Joachim Hansen. He will face one of Korea’s own superstars in Seo DooWon. Hansen hit the Japanese stage in 2002 and quickly became a shooting star in Shooto. He has wins over the biggest in the business: Aoki, Gomi, Miyata, Yves Edwards. Hansen’s incredibly rounded skill set makes him an extremely exciting and versatile fighter. Korea’s Seo is a rising star: he hasn’t lost a fight in four years, and has claimed the hearts of fans with his aggressiveness and striking acumen. He has KOed 3 out of 4 of his last opponents in the first round, but he has proven he has the conditioning to go the distance, such as his epic battles with Daisuke “13” Hanazawa and Kosei Kubota. This is a good candidate for fight of the night.

Also facing a Korean legend in his own right, Whi SeungBae, will be KO kickmaster Thierry Sokoudjou. Whi is the coach for the powerhouse Team Posse, home of Nam YuiChul and Bae YoungKwon. He brought the crowd to its feet when he KOed Denis Kang at Road FC 3. The M-1 and Spirit MC vet has rocks for hands. Sokoudjou himself has rocks in his hands and likes to stand and bang. The PRIDE vet and KSW Champion KOed Little Nog in 23 seconds. This is one fight where someone ends up on the canvas.

Lee EunSu stripped Shungo Oyama of the Middleweight belt at Road FC 10, and was slated to make his first defence against none other than Minowaman. However, an injury in training set back the fight, and Minowaman will now face Seok HyaeSon in a superfight. Luis Ramos, the Nova Uniao UFC veteran, makes his way to the Road FC cage to face Cha JungHwa who has wins over Igor Gracie and Ryo Chonan. Both impressive grapplers should put on a very technical fight.

April 13, 2013
Seoul Olympic Park Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

#6 – [라이트급토너먼트 결승전] Lightweight Tournament Final and Championship
남의철 Nam YuiChul (15-4- 1) vs. Kume Takasuke (15-1-4) 쿠메 타카스케

#5 – 경기 [페더급매치]
서두원 Doo Won Seo (9-6) vs. Joachim Hansen (22-11-1) 요아킴 한센

#4 – 경기 [라이트헤비급매치]
위승배 Seung Bae Whi (7-3) vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (13-10) 라모 티에리 소쿠주

#3 – 경기 [미들급매치]
손혜석 Son Hyae Seok vs. Ikuhisa Minowa (56-34-8) 미노와맨

#2 – 경기 [웰터급매치] Welterweight Match
차정환 Cha JungHwa (10-6-1) vs. Luis Ramos (20-8) 루이스 라모스

#1 – 경기 [라이트급매치]
이형석Hyung Suk Lee (2-1) vs Murat Kazgan (1-0) 무랏 카잔

로드FC 영건스 7서울 올림픽공원 내 올림픽홀 17시 30
Young Guns 7 Bantamweight Tournament Quarter- and Semi-finals

#7 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 4강]
4경기 승자 vs. 5경기 승자

#6 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 4강]
2경기 승자 vs. 3경기 승자

#5 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 8강]
이윤준 Lee YoonChul vs. Kim HoJoon 김호준

#4 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 8강]
송민종 Song MinJong vs. Allan Yoshihiro 알란 요시히로

#3 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 8강]
이길우 Lee KilWoo vs. Hong JungGi 홍정기

#2 – 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 8강]
문제훈 Moon JaeHoon vs. Sato Shoko사토 쇼코

#1- 경기 [밴텀급토너먼트 리저브매치]
김민우 Kim MinOo vs. Kim SungJae 김성재