ROAD FC 13 in 6,200-seat Gumi stadium, LW title defense rematch



ROAD Fighting Championship will venture into yet another destination when it holds ROAD FC 013 in Gumi, South Korea on October 12, 2013.  The Main Event will be Nam YuiChul’s first Lightweight Championship defence against none other than his original tournament opponent, Kume Takasuke.

ROAD FC 013 and the 9th Young Guns undercard take place on October 12, 2013 in Gumi, South Korea in the 6,200-seat Park Chung-Hee Gymnasium. The Main Event has been announced as a Lightweight Title defence by Nam YuiChul against Kume Takasuke. Nam of Team Posse became a ROAD FC poster boy during his Lightweight Tournament contests. The tough as nails Korean’s wrestling base and top game proved far too strong for any opponent, and brought his status bank in the division. Kume, on the other side of the bracket, easily finished off his opponents and looked to be an early favorite for the finals, if not the belt. When he met Nam in the final, it was the toughest and most difficult opponent he’d ever faced. Not only could Kume not finish Nam, but after the allotted three rounds, the judges couldn’t decide a winner and saw fit to ask for a fourth determining round.

That fourth round did indeed prove that Nam was the first owner of ROAD FC’s Lightweight division Championship belt. Kume’s proponents pointed to unfair refereeing when he was pulled off of top position when he was trying to ground and pound. Nam’s proponents pointed to the times Kume was in trouble during the fight. Even with sides being chosen, it was an emotional and tremendous bout for the entire stadium. CEO Jung MoonHong stated that he’d like to give Kume the rematch, and he’s made his words truth by making Nam’s first title defense Kume’s shot at retribution.

Nam is no stranger to retribution: he’s faced two tough opponents twice, Adrian Pang and Vuyisile Colossa. At 16-4, he seems to be only getting stronger. Kume has also fought two opponents twice: Takuya Sato and Yoichiro Sato. Kume’s loss to Nam was only the second of his entire career. The rematch for the belt will be battle worth watching from two of the top fighters in Asia’s lightweight division.

October 12, 2013
Park Chung-Hee Gymnasium
Gumi, South Korea

Lightweight Championship Defence
남의철 (16-4) (Team Posse) Nam YuiChul vs Kume Takasuke (15-2-4) (Alive)