ROAD FC 14 weigh in results and pictures



All fighters made weight for ROAD FC 14. Jo Nam-Jin needed an extra 2 hours to cut a further 200grams which he easily did to face Mikihito Yamagami. He made a show of it by getting in the Shooto Champion’s face. The remainder of the face offs were without incident.

The “main event”, garnered for local audiences, will be a match between comedian-turned-MMA fighter Yoon Hyung-Bin and Japanese opponent Takaya Tsukuda. A huge contingency of Korean media was on hand to cover this bout. It will not be a part of the pay per view.

February 9, 2014
Seoul Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

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Main Card Matches:

Lightweight Superfight
Yoon Hyun-Bin (70.45) versus Takaya Tsukuda (69.85)

Featherweight Tournament Final Match
Kwon Bae-Yong (65.90) versus Choi Mu-Gyeom (65.75)

Lightweight Superfight
Kume Takasuke (70.40) versus Eduardo Simoes (70.15)

Bantamweight Match
Kim Soo-Chul (61.80) versus Tezuka Motonobu (61.60)

Flyweight Match
Jo Nam-Jin (57.7)* (57.4)** versus Yamagami Mikihito (57.35)

Light Heavyweight Match
Kim Nae-Chul (93.20) versus Noji Ryuta (92.40)

Young Guns 11 Preliminary Matches:

Kim Yi-Sak (65.55) versus Lee Hyung-Seok (65.85)

Kim Dae-Myung (61.65) versus Kim Ho-Joon (61.90)

Kwon Se-Yoon (65.65) versus Lee Jung-Yung (65.90)

Cho Yeong-Seung (61.95) versus Jin Tae-Ho (61.65)

Catchweight -75kg
Munguntsooj Nandinerdene (75.5) versus Nam Ye-Won (75.5)







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