ROAD FC 15 official weigh in results for May 31st event



Press release:

31 May, 2014 – All Main Card matches on weight and 10 fights green lit for ROAD FC 015 for Saturday 31 May, 2014.

ROAD FC 015 Weigh ins complete

ROAD FC 015 takes place on Saturday, 31 May, at the Chiak Stadium in Wonju, South Korea. All fighters were on weight for the Main Card matches. The Main Event rematch between Seo Doo-Won and Joachim Hansen will proceed as anticipated, with both fighters coming in on target. Ikuhisa Minowa easily came in under the required limit, and his opponent Park Jung-Kyo was within the required weight as well. Issei Tamura and Kim Soo-Chul both weighed in exactly on point with each other, and Kosuke Umeda and Kil Young-Bok were successful as well. Of the “Crying Fist” Season 3 match, Park Hyun-Woo was a whopping 122kg and Kim Jae-Hoon a hefty 108kg.


On the Young Guns 14 undercard, only two fighters did not pass the weight check. Kim Dae-Sung weighed in over 2.45 kilograms for his match with Lee Chan-Ho. The match will proceed, however Kim will receive the following penalties: he will be deducted 2 points in every round, and forfeit 50% of his purse. Yoo Jae-Hak also failed to make weight within the required time period, missing by 5.95 kilograms. In his bout with Kang Sung-Mok, Yoo will be deducted 2 points per round, and he forfeits his entire purse.


Event: ROAD Fighting Championship 015
Date: Saturday 31 May, 2014
Time: 18:00 KST Young Guns 14 start, 20:00 KST Main Card start
Place: Chiak Stadium, Wonju, South Korea

Main Card Matches:

Featherweight Superfight
Joachim Hansen 65.75 versus Seo Doo-Won 65.70

Middleweight Match
Ikuhisa Minowa 83.10 versus Park Jung-Gyo 84.25

Bantamweight Match
Issei Tamura 61.50 versus Kim Soo-Chul 61.60

Featherweight Match
Kosuke Umeda 65.80 versus Kil Young-Bok 65.95

“Crying Fist” Season 3 Special Match
Kim Jae-Hoon 122 versus Park Hyun-Woo 108

Young Guns 14 Under Card:

Bantamweight Match
Cho Young-Seung 61.90 versus Kim Ho-Jun 61.95

Flyweight Match
Kwak Jong-Hyun 57.30 versus Kim Seok-Yong 56.90

Middleweight Match
Lee Chan-Ho 83.50 versus Kim Dae-Sung 86.45 * Kim over by 2.45 kg, penalties: -2 points every round, less 50% purse

Featherweight Match
Oh Ho-Tak 65.75 versus Tyrone Henderson 65.80

Bantamweight Match
Yoo Jae-Hak 67.45 versus Kang Sung-Mok 61.95 * Yoo over by 5.95 kg, penalties: -2 points every round, less 100% purse


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