ROAD FC 18 fight analysis: Kim ‘Tank Boy” Hoon vs Luis “Beicao” Ramos

ROAD FC 18 Kim Hoon vs Luis Ramos
ROAD FC 18 Kim Hoon vs Luis Ramos

ROAD FC 18 takes place on August 30, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea. The main event will be a welterweight contest between two seasoned veterans, Kim Hoon and Luis Ramos.


Kim ‘Tank Boy” Hoon (9-10-1) vs Luis “Beicao” Ramos (20-8-1) have fought in all corners of the globe. Kim has battled in many promotions but he had most of his success in Legend FC. Ramos was the Shooto Middleweight Champion back in 2010 as well as making it to the big show, UFC, in 2011. As anyone can see both gladiators have gone up against elite level mixed martial artists in their respective careers which will most likely result in a back and forth encounter.

Kim Hoon, the South Korean representative, has been fighting professionally since 2004 and it has been up and down to say the least. His claim to fame came back in 2011 at Legend FC 6 when he submitted Robert Whittaker, who later on became the first ever winner of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes. Kim displayed great transitions on the ground during scrambles and a remarkable rubber guard that allowed him to sink in the triangle choke. That is why he is known for a slick ground game to many.

Kim also possesses power in his hands but lacks the technical aspects. Sometimes he will opt to stand and bang with his opponents and that will get any fighter in trouble. For a case in point, look at the last fight against Minowaman, this ended quickly with a malicious overhand right that had people concerned about his well-being.

Ramos, the Nova Uniao product, is more of a grinder in style as seen by his 12 wins by decision. However, this does not mean he lacks knockout power or submission skills, which he has four wins of each. He trains Muay Thai with stable mates such as Jose Aldo, Renan Barao, and Marlon Sandro. In addition to that, his jiu jitsu is nothing to laugh at since he has been under the tutelage of Andre Pederneiras, a legend in the sport. Training three times a day for six days a week is his regular schedule, hence, he will be ready for a three round war.

In his last fight during ROAD FC 011 against Cha Jung Hwan, he did not perform like he did before being called up to fight in the UFC. The affair was very lackluster with little action and neither fighter showing much dominance. So it was no surprise that the judges awarded it a draw. He will be looking to erase the memory of that fight when he faces Kim.


Fight Analysis:

This fight has many contrasting factors that make it very interesting to watch. Kim who is a brawler with submissions skills versus a methodical striker with decent takedowns in Ramos will likely have an outcome that can be quick and exciting or long and technical.

Coming into the fight Kim will be the bigger and stronger athlete. Considering that Ramos likes to utilize his Muay Thai against every fighter he has faced, Kim will need to take advantage early with his reach and throw many overhand rights mixed in with the uppercuts he is fond of. Also, Kim is comfortable off his back, so going to the ground will be welcoming for the South Korean. On the other hand, in the past Kim has had trouble making weight. This can have a huge impact on his cardio if the fight goes the distance. That is the reason Kim has six first round finishes: he will go for it early like a bat out of hell.

Ramos, nevertheless, will try for more of a mixed approach in this fight. He will use his striking to close the distance to go for takedowns. Ramos has to pick and choose his angles of attack carefully because Kim will be pressuring him from the sound of the bell. Furthermore, the unusual thing about Kim is that he might give Ramos the takedown so he can implement his ground game. Ramos will need to capitalize on this by throwing down some ground and pound but at the same time maintaining top control and defending submissions. As long as Ramos can stay out of submissions, he can stretch the fight into the later rounds and hope that Kim gasses out so he can finish him.