ROAD FC 19: Dong Bar vs Luis Ramos, Song vs Emi Tomimatsu added to November 9th event

ROAD FC 19 Yoon Dong-Sik vs Luis Ramos
ROAD FC 19 Yoon Dong-Sik vs Luis Ramos

ROAD FC 19 takes place on November 9, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. Two more bouts have been added below main event Riki Fukuda versus Lee Dool-Hee.


Korea’s well-known and well-loved Yoon Dong-Sik rebounds from his original ROAD FC loss to Fukuda to face Luis Ramos, who rides two unlucky draws into the match. Yoon will need to rethink his game plan to stay competitive in the ROAD FC middleweight division. His superb judo won’t be enough to count Ramos out of the equation.

Ramos himself has faced almost the toughest ROAD can throw at him, but with two draws to show for his efforts, he should be gunning harder than ever to pull out a decisive victory. Neither man is a spring chicken, but they both still are huge draws for their countries.

ROAD FC 19 will also see another women’s match between two DEEP Jewels veterans, Song Hyo-Kyung and Emi Tomimatsu. While Song faltered across four bouts in Japan before finally getting a win at home, she did so by showing of an improved ground game. Tomimatsu had a spate of luck which saw her make it to the finals of the DEEP Jewels Lightweight Grand Prix to face Mizuki Inoue, and win the belt on a DQ due to Inoue’s missed weight.

Both women are predominately strikers, with Song having the reach advantage. Song will be tested by Tomimatsu’s shoots so it will be interesting to se how much she has developed as of late.


November 9, 2014
Seoul Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

Middleweight Superfight
Riki Fukuda vs Lee Dool-Hee

Yoon Dong-Sik vs Luis Ramos

Women’s Strawweight
Song Hyo-Kyung vs Emi Tomimatsu


Press release:

12 October, 2014 – ROAD FC 019 match announcement: Middleweight Superfight between Yoon Dong-Sik and Luis Ramos, plus Women’s Strawweight match Song Hyo-Kyung versus Emi Tomimatsu

ROAD FC 019 adds two more exciting battles at Middleweight and in the Women’s division

ROAD FC 019 will take place on 9 November, 2014 at the Seoul Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea. As previously announced, the Main Event is an exciting Middleweight Superfight between ultra-powerful finisher Riki Fukuda of Japan and tough-as-nails Lee Dool-Hee of South Korea.

PRIDE veteran and Gold Medal Judoka Yoon Dong-Sik is back! Yoon was very assertive about restarting his career, but when he faced Japanese standout Riki Fukuda at ROAD FC 016, his comeback was halted in the first round. It was just a small blip on the radar for Yoon. He’s eager and ready to get back in the cage at ROAD FC 19 against the tough Brazilian black belt Luis Ramos.

“Beição” Ramos came to ROAD FC shortly after his UFC career and has spent 30 minutes in the cage with two of Korea’s toughest – Cha Jung-Hwan and Kim Hoon. But since both bouts were too close to call, and awarded Draws, he has yet to see his hand raised at ROAD FC. Ramos will be coming back up to a comfortable 84 kilos to face another very popular Korean opponent in Yoon. Everyone will be expecting a beautiful display of judo from Yoon, but if the fight does hit the canvas, Ramos will be showing off his bag of tricks as well.

ROAD FC is proud to showcase another Women’s MMA match, this time between two Strawweights well-known at home and internationally. Song Hyo-Kyung began her MMA career in Japan and faced some of the toughest in her division, including Emi Fujino and current DEEP JEWELS Champion Mizuki Inoue. She was not deterred by her early trials and claimed her first win at ROAD FC 016. Striker Song will now face another Japanese stand up stand out in former DEEP JEWELS Champion Emi Tomimatsu.

Tomimatsu has tussled with the top in her division at home and abroad. She is a quick striker with lots of experience in her corner who has gone the distance in almost all of her fights, including some thrilling matches that landed her with the title shot. There is no doubt that Tomimatsu will be willing to stand and trade punches with Song, which should make this contender for a blockbuster fight of the night.

Showcasing the very best of MMA sport and entertainment – ROAD Fighting Championship!

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