ROAD FC 19 official weigh in results for Fukuda vs Lee

ROAD FC 19 Riki Fukuda vs Lee Dool-Hee
ROAD FC 19 Riki Fukuda vs Lee Dool-Hee

All fighters were on weight at today’s weigh in for ROAD FC 19 which takes place in Seoul on November 9, 2014. The main event features Riki Fukuda facing his third Korean opponent in the promotion, Lee Dool-Hee.

Also on the main card, judoka Yoon Dong-Sik is back and he will face tough Brazilian Amilcar Alves, and fellow Brazilian Alexandre Barros will meet Cha Jung-Hwan.

Emi Tomimatsu steps out of Japan to face Song Hyo-Kung, and Moon Ki-Bum gets a chance on a main card against Kwang Hee-Lee.

ROAD FC 19 Weigh ins
November 8, 2014
Seoul Ramada
Seoul, South Korea


Main Card Matches:

Middleweight Superfight
Lee Dool-Hee 84.45 vs Riki Fukuda 84.20

Amilcar Alves 84.30 vs Yoon Dong-Sik 84.45

Alexandre Barros 77.20 vs Cha Jung-Hwan 77.40

Women’s Strawweight
Emi Tomimatsu 51.90 vs Song Hyo-Kyung 51.55

Mun Gi-Bum 70.45 vs Lee Kwang-Hee 70.30

Jeon Uh-Jin 84.50 vs Kim Dae-Sung 84.45

Frederick Sloan 111.00 vs Shim Gun-Oh 120.40

Young Guns 018

Baek Seung-Min 65.40 vs Hong Yung-Gi 65.90

Yoon Jin-Su 65.85 vs Tyrone Henderson 65.45

Ha Tae-Woon 65.75 vs Heo Yoon 65.90

Matsuoka Takasi 61.190 vs Seok Sang-Jeon 65.90

Stuart Gooch 77.50 vs Oh Jae-Seong 77.25

Jung Kwang-Seok 57.10 vs Kim Woo-Jae 57.25

Park Jun-Young 65.80 vs Lee Jung-Kyung 65.95

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