ROAD FC 21 Young Guns 20 photo albums and results

ROAD FC 21 Kim Won-Gi def Lee Hyung-Seok
ROAD FC 21 Kim Won-Gi def Lee Hyung-Seok


ROAD FC 21 Young Guns 20 took place in Seoul, South Korea on February 1, 2015. Here are the full photo albums and results.


8) Lee Hyung-Seok vs Kim Won-Gi
Result: Kim Won-Gi defeats Lee Hyung-Seok by Armbar (1R 4:25)

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7) Kim Kyeong-Pyo vs Jung Je-Il
Result: Kim Kyeong-Pyo wins via TKO (2R 1:39)

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6) Kim Min-Woo vs Jang Dae-Young
Result: Jang Dae-Young wins via TKO (1R 2:32)

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5) Oh Jae-Sung vs Fujii Shota
Result: Oh Jae-Sung wins via UD over Fujii Shota (2R)

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4) Chae Joung-Heon vs Seo Dong-Soo
Results: Chae Joung-Heon via RNC

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3) Kim I-Sak vs Yang Jae-Ung
Result: Yang Jae-Ung defeats Kim I-Sak via UD (2R)

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2) Park Jae-Seong vs Jang Ik-Hwan
Result: Jang Ik-Hwan wins by UD over Park Jae-Seong (2R)

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1) Kim Jae-Kyung vs Yun Ho-Young
Result: Yun Ho-Young takes the UD over Kim Jae-Kyung (2R)

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