ROAD FC 22 Main Card Preview Part 2: Fukuda vs Lee, Yoon vs Takase, Park vs Jeon



Park vs Jeon - Courtesy of ROAD FC
Park vs Jeon – Courtesy of ROAD FC

ROAD FC 22 has a stacked card lined up for Saturday, March 21st at JangChung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea. Headlined by a lightweight title match between champion Kwon A-Sol and challenger Lee Kwang-Hee, here are three more main card matches.

In the co-main event, Fukuda Riki will collide with Lee Dool-Hee for a spot to fight for the middleweight strap. Also, PRIDE vets Yoon Dong-Sik and Takase Daiju will face off and Park Jung-Kyo will take on Jeon Uh-Jin in a middleweight contest.

Middleweight Match
Park Jung-Kyo (6-5) vs Jeon Uh-Jin (2-2)

These two massive middleweights, Park Jung-Kyo (36) and Jeon Uh-Jin (21), will guarantee that some heavy leather will be thrown with reckless abandon. Even though there is a huge age discrepancy, these guys are tough as nails and will eat shots like tictacs.

Park Jung-Kyo - Courtesy of ROAD FC
Park Jung-Kyo – Courtesy of ROAD FC

Park Jung-Kyo was supposed to rematch Son Hye-Seok back at ROAD FC 20 but Son missed weight by 13 pounds and the bout was cancelled. Other than that, 2014 was a fruitful year for Jungshim Gym representative in that he went undefeated while finishing all his opponents. The most notable win came at ROAD FC 15, when he faced Japanese veteran Ikuhisa Minowa. Park first landed a straight left hand that dropped “Minowa Man” and then when he got back up the South Korean caught him with a left hook that put him out cold. In his other two victories, he submitted Ryu Kyung-Gwan with a shoulder lock and pummeled Kim Dae-Sung with punches.

Jeon Uh-Jin - Courtesy of ROAD FC
Jeon Uh-Jin – Courtesy of ROAD FC

Jeon Uh-Jin, the young Team Max product, has had a rollercoaster of a career so far. Most of his fights end up becoming a brawl which in turn ends with one of the combatants being knocked out. The 21 year old has two blemishes on his record and in both he has been devastatingly knocked senseless. However, his most recent victory was at ROAD FC 19 against Kim Dae-Sung. He showed some diversity in his arsenal by using his wrestling and controlling the fight from top position while throwing down some decent ground and pound. Eventually, late in the second round, Jeon took the back and locked in a rear-naked choke.

Park vs Jeon: Fight Analysis

It is no secret that these monsters will stand and bang since both of them throw hard and with bad intentions. This will probably be a back and forth affair with both fighters getting rocked at one point in the fight. This is going to come down to where Jeon wants to have this fight take place and it will dictate how the contest will end.

It would be a smarter game plan for Jeon to utilize his wrestling and try to stifle Park on the ground to tire him out. He showed a strong top game in his last fight and he needs to imitate that strategy. Hopefully, he has learned from his losses and does not stand in front of Park and trade shots.

Because Park is a more accurate striker and seems to have more power in his hands, he would probably use the sprawl and brawl technique. He does a good job coming forward and attacking against the fence but he needs to be aware of Jeon ducking under and getting the double-leg.

Yoon vs Takase - Courtesy of ROAD FC
Yoon vs Takase – Courtesy of ROAD FC

88Kg Catchweight Match
Yoon Dong-Sik (8-8) vs Takase Daiju (12-14-2)

In the throwback match of the night, two former PRIDE FC fighters Yoon Dong-Sik and Takase Daiju, will face off in the cage. Both these fighters have fought elite competition throughout their careers and that is why their records do not seem to impress. Anyways, this fight should have gone down maybe in 2005 but I guess it’s better late than never.

Yoon Dong-Sik - Courtesy of ROAD FC
Yoon Dong-Sik – Courtesy of ROAD FC 

Yoon Dong-Sik, 42, has had forgettable performances in the cage for the Korean MMA promotion. In his first bout at ROAD FC 16 against Fukuda Riki, he looked outmatched which lead to him being manhandled by the Japanese veteran. Once Fukuda took the back, Yoon was not able to escape and just laid there taking countless shots to the dome. Then, at ROAD FC 19 he collided with former UFC welterweight Amilcar Alves. This was also a lackluster performance but he eked out a unanimous decision.

Takase Daiju - Courtesy of ROAD FC
Takase Daiju – Courtesy of ROAD FC

Takase Daiju, 36, has had a long and wavering 16 year career in the world of MMA. After taking 2013 off, he came back the next year and competed at ROAD FC 16 across from gritty veteran Wi Seung-Bae. They both stood and threw hard for the first four minutes until Takase connected with a left hook that floored Wi. After that impressive showing, he went back to Japan and fought Carlos Toyota in an openweight contest at REAL 1. This was not a smart decision in that he was TKO’d in just 39 seconds by a much bigger and stronger opponent.

Yoon vs Takase: Fight Analysis

Any spectator that knows anything about these two would predict that this contest is definitely going to the mat in an exhibition of ground skills. However, looking at their previous outings as any indication, these experienced veterans are going to stand and try to end the night as quick as possible.

Takase has shown improvements in his standup and some power behind his strikes. He will most likely try to utilize these tools against a much slower and older opponent. He should not have any worries on the ground since he is an experienced grappler.

Yoon does not have many ways to win except for setting up takedowns with his hands and by continuously landing inside leg kicks to throw Takase’s balance off. Since Japanese veteran will be slinging power shots, Yoon has to be able to make him miss and maybe slide under for some judo throws.

Co-Main Event - Courtesy of ROAD FC
Co-Main Event – Courtesy of ROAD FC

Middleweight Match
Fukuda Riki (21-7) vs Lee Dool-Hee (8-7)

The co-main event of the evening will be a rematch between former DEEP middleweight champion Riki Fukuda and Korean MMA veteran Lee Dool-Hee. The winner of this fight will most likely contend for the vacated middleweight strap and become the king of the middleweights in Korea.

In their previous match, it started off with Fukuda trying to find his range with his jab but was constantly getting caught with a right hand counter. Then, he decided to take it to the ground and got into half guard. He attempted an arm triangle but Lee did a good job of not letting his opponent get into side control. Eventually, the South Korean got back up to his feet and continued to trade shots with Fukuda until he grabbed a single-leg and took him to the ground. Again, Lee got to his feet but this time Fukuda was landing in the clinch with punches and knees. The first round should have gone to Fukuda since he landed more shots and clearly dominated on the ground.

The second round was the beginning of the end. It began with Fukuda being much more active on the feet by throwing a lot more combinations. He attempted a single-leg but Lee easily shrugged it off. Then, the first low blow happened at about 50 seconds into the round. The doctors came into the cage and attended to the injury the best they could and after about 8 or so minutes the fight continued. After a brief period of dancing around, Fukuda ducked down for a single-leg but Lee defended well so he let go. Not long after that, the second low blow was executed with a knee against the fence. Once more, the doctors ran in and tried to revive Lee but to no avail. Therefore, it was official called a no contest.

Fukuda vs Lee: Fight Analysis

There are going to be many obvious aspects to these fighters since they have not had much time to evolve too greatly. However, do not expect the same result as the last outing because that would be pessimistic and very unfortunate.

Fukuda Riki - Courtesy of ROAD FC
Fukuda Riki – Courtesy of ROAD FC

Fukuda, 34, has great lateral movement and likes to flicker his jab to gauge his range on his opponents. At the same time, he can throw inside leg kicks from the southpaw position with ease.  This will be a problem for Lee since he has a straight up, orthodox stance and does not move around much.

The clinch is another area Fukuda likes to fight. He grabs the neck with one hand and throws punches with the other. When he has both hands clinched around the neck, the knees are coming into the midsection.

Also, he has great timing with his takedowns. Once on the mat, this is where he has the highest percentage of finishing the fight. He can work to get mount or even transition to taking the back. While this is all happening, he is throwing down hammerfists and punches waiting for the ref to step in and stop the fight.

Lee Dool-Hee - Courtesy of ROAD FC
Lee Dool-Hee – Courtesy of ROAD FC

Lee, 25, usually likes to stand face to face and exchange haymakers. He does possess a deadly overhand right and in the last fight he did an efficient job countering with it. The South Korean would also need to throw more kicks to the inside leg and maybe work the jab a lot more effectively. Another tool he needs to add to his arsenal is knees. This would prevent Fukuda from coming in for takedowns which would take away a huge weapon for Fukuda.

On the ground, Lee was able to work his way up to his feet and defend submissions. However, he needs to keep himself from that position because that will make him lose rounds. Instead, he should threaten with takedowns of his own. Just attempting to grab a leg or dropping down will confuse Fukuda.

Lee has more power in his hands compared to Fukuda so it would be opportune to keep it standing. He was landing many solid counter right hands in their previous contest so adding a left hook or left uppercut to that equation might end the night in a violent way.