ROAD FC 26 results: Song Min-Jong decisions Jo Nam-Jin for Flyweight Title Unification



ROAD FC 27 Song Min-Jong
ROAD FC 27 Song Min-Jong

Press release:

10 October, 2015 – 360GAME ROAD FC 026 was held on 9 October, 2015 in front of a sold-out crowd at the Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea. Interim Champion Song Min-Jong showcased his full compliment of skills over inaugural Champion Jo Nam-Jin in the overtime championship round.

The event presented a number of firsts for ROAD FC. 360GAME ROAD FC 026 was the first event to be aired live in China on Tencent’s The special guest commentator for the Chinese commentary was none other than the “King of Sanda”, Zhao Zilong. Also, the first cage announcer in English was presented: the powerful and eloquent Jeff Houston of Titan FC, Roy Jones Jr Boxing and Golden Boy Promotions. The epic production was capped off by four new huge cage-top screens that displayed all the action in a 360-degree view for the audience.

In the Flyweight Title unification match, inaugural Champion Jo Nam-Jin and interim Champion Song Min-Jong engaged in a three-round grinder punctuated by knees, flying leather, trips and throws. The judges had a massive problem on their hands when the final bell rang, because the score was tallied at two for a Draw. The match went into the overtime round, and both men upped their game accordingly. Song impressed with his pressure and control so that the final score ended his way. But, this was a very close match from two of Asia’s very best Flyweights. They put on a Main Event worthy of ROAD FC history! Now Song Min-Jong can confidently wear the undisputed crown of the ROAD FC Flyweight Champion!

In the Co-Main Event, heavyweight Mighty Mo struck first and last! A fight eight years in the making ended in just 37 seconds when Mighty Mo connected to Choi Mu-Bae’s chin. Choi was wobbled but he came back with punches, however Mighty Mo struck back so perfect and hard that Choi faceplanted on the canvas.

In another quick and brutal finish, Myung Hyun-Man left nothing to the imagination in his ROAD FC debut against late stand in Jairo Kusunoki. Myung went straight on the offensive to the heady-body-body-head and sent a ducked-and-covered Kusunori crumpled to the canvas trying his best to keep his guard up until the referee intervened. Myung earned the TKO stoppage in just 35 seconds!

Three “Crying Fist” alumni were featured on 360GAME ROAD FC 026. Taekwondo master Hong Young-Gi was one of them, and he faced a tough as nails wrestler He Nannan taking his first fight outside China. Hong threw head kick after head kick but He walked through them all with a head of concrete. He went for clinches and had successful shoot after shoot, but those hard Taekwondo kicks won over the judges for Hong after a non-stop three rounds of true style-versus-style.

Shinji Sasaki faced late entry opponent Choi Jong-Chan when Park Won-Sik could not fight at the last minute. Choi threw some heavy leather at Sasaki, so the Japanese grappler went back to his bread and butter. Sasaki kept Choi pinned down for much of two rounds, then locked on an Americana for a third round submission victory.

Yuan Ye and Han Yi-Moon proved that the new generation of MMA fighters are well-rounded, excellent grapplers, and know how to put on a show! Both fighters exchanged stiff jabs and heavy punches, shoots, and lightning-quick reversals on the ground. Han was really powerful, but Yuan was technical, and landed what will become his trademark: a single leg shoot from off his back! Two judges scored the fighters evenly, so the bout was awarded a Draw.

Kim Seung-Yeon walked into his match with Jung Doo-Jae like a boss, and in 30 seconds he left the same way. Kim immediately connected with a high kick then walloped Jung with two powerful rights in a row. Jung stumbled back on the first and Kim got the KO at the cage with the second, opening up 360GAME ROAD FC with a bang!

ROAD FC now prepares for the next event, which will launch the global expansion into China: 360GAME ROAD FC 027 in Shanghai on 26 December 2015!

Event: “360GAME” presents ROAD Fighting Championship 026
Date: Friday, 9 October, 2015
Place: Jangchung Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea


7th -57kg Flyweight Title Unification Match
Song Min-Jong defeats Jo Nam-Jin by 3:0 Decision at Extra 1Round

6th -120kg Heavyweight Match
Mighty Mo defeats Choi Mu-Bae by K.O (Punch) at 0:37 of 1R

5th Openweight Match
Myung Hyun-Man defeats Jairo Kusunoki by TKO (Pounding) at 0:35 of 1R

4th -65.5kg Featherweight Match
Hong Young-ki defeats He NanNan by decision 3:0

3rd -70kg Lightweight Match
Shinji Sasaki defeats Choi Jong-Chan by Tap out (Key Lock) at 1:25 of 3R

2nd -61.5kg Bantamweight Match
Han I-Moon and Yuan Ye, DRAW

1st -70kg Lightweight Match
Kim Seung-Yeon defeats Jung Doo-Jae by K.O (Punch) at 0:30 of 1R