ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong on first event in Japan, the UFC, and TV stars in MMA

ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong
ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong

Mr Jung Moon-Hong, founder and CEO of ROAD FC in Korea, is experiencing the growth of Korean MMA firsthand. The gregarious hands-on president is quick to share his opinions on the matter.


That being the case, he’s also quick to take note of the growth of MMA in Asia, and he’s starting to capitalize upon it. ROAD FC will be holding its first event in Tokyo, Japan in July of 2015. In this interview, Jung reveals that the event will be geared for a global audience,

“Actually I did all the preparation in 2014 to make sure everything got better. To be able to hold a show successfully, and not cancel at the last minute. Now I plan to do it in 2015, and that will be this summer.”

Jung also discusses the future of ROAD FC in the next several years, and his next intent is to enter the China market. He sees this step – as do many – as a key in his organization’s future scale of operations.

Along with the growth of the sport comes competition in Korea as well. There are numerous MMA promotions starting in the country from Seoul to Busan. Does he feel threatened or pleased? Neither, it seems, as he replied,

“I wish the best to all the promotions, but I’m not concerned with domestic competition.”

And then there’s the UFC. The UFC has stated its intent to hold a show there later this year. Jung has always been and is still very blunt when he gives his opinion on the largest international promotion,

“I think the UFC is not going to come to Korea. Even if they come, they are going to lose a lot of money, like 1 billion won.”

Jung has allowed ROAD FC Lightweight Champion Nam Yui-Chul and Featherweight Champion Kang Kyung-Ho released in order to sign with the UFC. His feelings might possibly be growing a little less heated when he is queried on the subjects such as this, and he explains that during his recent amped up number of events, he was emotional, but the sense of gratification and familiarity has changed his approach.

Jung appeals to hardcore fans to hang on to ROAD FC and see what comes next, as he believes Asia will be the center of the MMA world in the very near future. Still, Jung will always have that assertive side that stems from his own background as a professional fighter, coach, and developer of Korea’s MMA scene’s resurgence,

“I have my own way, and my own opinion, and I’m very confident about it.”


ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong
ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong


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