ROAD FC – KOREA 1 results and live streaming information


Riki Fukuda versus Kim HeeSeung headlines ROAD FC – Korea 1 on January 18, 2014, and the Young Guns 10 undercard features the next generation of champs.


January 18, 2014
Grand Hilton Convention Centre
Seoul, South Korea

Live internet stream of Main Card available for $9.99 beginning at 20:00 (KST/JST):


1 Middleweight – 84kg
Jeon Uh-Jin vs Ahn Sang-Il

Ahn rocks out to a very sexy song with a little dance reminiscent of Bae MyoungHo. Round one and we see two heavy-handed strikers looking to stand and bang. Both trade shots and Jeon is the first to get the worst of it. Eventually he has Ahn looking a bit tentative of getting hit again. A head butt by Jeon in the clinch! They don’t do anything about it but restart. Aside from one take down by Jeon, this round is all on the feet.

Round 2. Ahn is going on the offense now. More heavy shots. Jeon shoots and gets it down, and Ahn looks for a kimura from the bottom.

Round 3. Ahn throws his jab out with nothing behind it. Jeon starts to think he’s got an opening down the shoot and goes in. Ahn smartly takes advantage and clinches, lands tons of knees to the head until the ref calls it a standing KO.

Ahn Sang-Il defeats Jeon Uh-Jin by KO, rd 3


2 Lightweight – 70kg
Lee Yong-Jae vs Jeon Doo-Jae

Jeon pretty much taunts Lee but then he backs it up by demolishing him.

Jeon Doo-Jae defeats Lee Yong-Jae by TKO, rd 1


3 Featherweight – 65.5kg
Lee Yoon-Jun vs Kim Won-Gi

Lee comes out with a game plan to use his new wrestling. One front kick and he doesn’t have to. A flying knee and punches put Kim to sleep. Quickly.

Lee Yoon-Jun defeats Kim Won-Gi by TKO, rd 1


4 Lightweight – 70kg
Kwon A-Sol vs Mostafa Abdollahi

A few kicks traded and Kwon looks much smaller than Abdollahi. Kwon gets in and trips him, and works to the back to get a tap by RNC.

Kwon A-Sol defeats Mostafa Abdollahi by Submission, RNC, rd 1


5 Middleweight 84kg
Riki Fukuda vs Kim Hee-Seung

The first round is punching, clinching and dirty boxing, and keep away. Both throw kicks, then Riki gets Kim against the cage for a bit. Riki circles and looks for a single leg, gets and tries to pound but Kim stands out of it. Riki lands a left straight. Riki trips for a takedown and gets mount. Kim turns so Riki takes his back, Kim is able to stand up but Riki keeps the back to the bell.

Round 2. Both circle and clinch game again, then Kim tries to get a single but Riki defends and punches him o the cage. Almost with an arm drag, Riki gets to his back and drags him down. Riki gets the back and tries to choke. He has Kim flattened out and he punches away until the ref finally steps in.

Riki Fukuda defeats Kim Hee-Seung by TKO, rd 2

Young Guns 10


1 Welterweight – 77kg
Munguntsooj Nandinerdene vs Lee Byeong-Hyeon

That was a fast one! The two take the center, trade a few kicks and punches, then the Mongolian comes in and wallops him!

Munguntsooj Nandinerdene defeats Lee Byeong-Hyeon by KO, rd 1


2 Lightweight – 70kg
Yeo Myung-Goo vs Ryu Kyung-Gwan

Ryu spends the first minute striking to close distance and wrestle against the cage. Yeo has beautiful knees in the clinch but Ryu’s controlling the round. Yeo gets a nice inside leg trip, but Ryu ends up the one on top. He works to mount, and at the bell, Yeo gets a reversal.

Round 2 and Ryu goes in with the same game plan and gets it to the canvas for much of the match. Yeo nails some nice reversals but isn’t able to do much with them.

Ryu Kyung-Gwan defeats Yeo Myung-Goo by Unanimous Dcision


3 Flyweight – 57kg
Kim Hyo-Ryong vs Jo In-Hang

A great and dominant performance by a sharp striker, Jo shows off his Muay Thai. However, after a time stop for a groin kick, Kim gets inside and lands a fast barrage with an elbow that drops Jo.

Kim Hyo-Ryong defeats Jo In-Hang by KO, rd 1


4 Featherweight – 65.5kg
Park Dae-Seong vs Oh Ho-Tak

A great round by these two young fighters! Tough striking by both, but the interest comes when Park gets it down and hunts for arm bars and triangles off his back. Then Oh reverses and gets the back to end the round with a body lock and almost RNC.

Round two and there’s nothing left in the tank but they start throwing anyway. These guys are walking punching bags! Park lands to great throws to end the round.

Park Dae-Seong defeats Oh Ho-Tak by UD


5 Bantamweight – 61.5kg
Park Gwang-Soo vs Kim Kyu-Hwa

The round starts off tentatively and crescendoes to near KOs. Kim is the more active puncher and Park picks his shots.

Round two, they trade shot for shot. Then it slows and Park starts mixing in the kicks. Shots are landing left and right, then Park starts looking for a knee. They both go in but punch instead of clinch. Park has been grinning since he came out of the chute. Park with a huge toss. Then Kim comes back with knees in the clinch.

Park Gwang-Soo defeats Kim Kyu-Hwa by UD


6 Bantamweight – 61.5kg
Kim Min-Woo vs Lee Dong-Jin

Well this is fun! Lee takes a huge knock out shot on his feet, and somehow he superhumanly stays standing! A few near misses and he’s caught again, and this time Kim seals the deal with a high kick.

Kim Min-Woo defeats Lee Dong-Jin by KO, rd 1