ROAD FC – KOREA 1: Riki Fukuda debuts on new “foreign fighters league”, full fight card preview



ROAD Fighting Championship presents a new league called ROAD FC KOREA to introduce foreign fighters joining the roster. The first card on January 18, 2014 card will be headlined by Riki Fukuda versus Kim HeeSeung.

The delightful slugfest that will take place between Riki Fukuda and Kim HeeSeung showcases everything that ROAD FC claims to promote. With the new ROAD FC – Korea league, they will be introducing foreign fighters to the roster and Fukuda packs a big punch for that. Also, having put together many matches with internationally known fighters against what looked like on paper as over-faced opponents has produced some of the most incredible fights in ROAD FC, namely Otsuka versus Lee, Omigawa versus Kwon, Minowaman versus Son HaeSuk, Hansen versus Seo, Manhoef versus Kim JaeYong. Fukuda always shows up ready to fight, and while his absence from the UFC is disappointing, a new lease on life awaits him in Korea. Kim can’t be counted out of this match, to which the previous examples hint. It will be very much up to him to put everything on the line and shine.

In the second of the Korean versus Foreign fighter theme sees KO machine Kwon ASol take on Muay Thai Champ Mostafa Abdollahi. When he’s ‘on’, he’s a pleasure to watch and anticipate when he’ll deliver his fatal blow. However, his cage return military service saw a less than stellar striker on display. Always outspoken Kwon claims he’s out to prove that Koji Nakamura’s head kick was just a fluke. Abdollahi is making his MMA debut, yet already has a Muay Thai/kick boxing record of 69-22, and 26 of those wins are by way of knock out. He will be recognizable to international fans because of The Challenger TV show which he starred in with Vuyisile Colossa, his training partner who is a fan favorite in Korean MMA. Abdollahi has been training MMA full time at Epic MMA in Hong Kong with several world-class black belts and pro fighters, so his debut at ROAD FC is a planned entrance to an MMA career.


Prodigy Lee YoonJun is back in rapid fashion to take on Kim WonGi in a featherweight bout. Lee has had a remarkable year fighting at bantamweight with an all-out brawl with Takafumi Otsuka whom he matched step for step, and a more strategic win over Makoto Kamaya. He’s decided to alternate between the two weights. Kim on the other hand has fought at lightweight previously, and though he’s looking for a crisper frame to fight in, it did not fare well in his last outing against larger wrestler Kil YoungBok. Perhaps a size advantage over Lee is what he needs to get back in the win column.

Lightweight Lee YoungJae takes on Jeong DooJae in what is a must win for both fighters. Lee had a fantastic 2012 that ended by knocking out the afore-mentioned Kim WonGi. However in his sole 2013 outing, that streak was stopped when now-UFC fighter Kikuno Katsunori submitted – yes, submitted – him. Jeong is facing a similar blotch to overcome, as his uphill run was cut short by highly superior Jutaro Nakao. If Jeong’s striking gets more polished in camp, and if Lee continues to bring his A-game, this should turn out to be an exciting match.

The middleweights come out to play as Jeon UhJin meets Ahn SangIl as the opening of the main card. Jeon absolutely stunned the crowd at ROAD FC 13 with a knockout that happened as soon as he popped out of the chute. Ahn hasn’t been seen since ROAD FC 3 because of injury rehab and then he opened a gym called “Beautiful Monster” – which would be aptly named after his own striated physique. This match will be a trading of fast and heavy hands, so don’t blink.

As per usual, look to the Young Guns prelims to see the next burgeoning Korean starlets looking to cut a swath through their respective divisions.

ROAD FC – KOREA 1 will be live streamed on UStream here starting at 8pm KST.

January 18, 2014
Grand Hilton Convention Centre
Seoul, South Korea

#10 – Middleweight Superfight
Riki Fukuda (17-9) versus Kim Hee-Seung (6-1)

#9 – Lightweight
Kwon A-Sol (16-8) versus Mostafa Abdollahi (0-0)

#8 – Featherweight
Yoon Jun Lee (4-2) versus Won Gi Kim (1-3-1)

#7 – Lightweight
Yong Jae Lee (7-4) versus Doo Jae ‘Dragonball’ Jeong (5-12)

#6 – Middleweight
Uh Jin Jeon (1-1) versus Sang Il ‘Dynamite’ Ahn (4-4)

Young Guns 10 Prelims

Min Woo Kim (3-1) versus Jung Gi Hong (1-1)

Gwang Soo Park (1-2) versus Kyu Hwa Kim (1-2)

Dae Song ‘Crazy Dog’ Park (2-1) versus Ho Tak Oh (0-0)

Hyo Ryong Kim (0-3) versus In Hang Jo (0-0)

Myung Goo Yeo (0-1) versus Kyung Gwan Ryu (0-0)