ROAD FC – Korea 3 weigh in results: Kwon fails (again), faces big penalties to fight Diniz



ROAD Fighting Championship’s monthly league is back on April 6, 2014 with “Korea versus Brazil”. All but 3 fighters made weight for ROAD FC – Korea 3, headliner Kwon A-Sol and 2 on the Young Guns undercard.

The main event match saw Kwon again fail to make weight, this time by 3.4 kilograms, and Giovanni Diniz did not look pleased about it.  Within his alotted time, Kwon only made it to 73.9.  Officials and Diniz’ camp led by Luis Ramos agreed on the following conditions: by 8pm tomorrow Kwon must still weigh below 78; every round will be deducted 2 points, and he forfeits all of his fight money.

Of the two fighters on the undercard, Kim Jae-Kyung made weight on his second try, but Lee Hyung-Seok couldn’t shed the last 100grams and sees 50% of his purse go out the window.

WOCS Champ Diniz, long considered among the best Brazilian lightweights not signed to an international promotion, will still take on Korea’s mouthy and heavy-handed Kwon maintains his weight. Kwon’s rising from the ashes gets an even stiffer test with Diniz. He has confidence and heavy hands, wheres Diniz is an all around killer.

Bruno Miranda is a hot prospect who at 23 has an open road in front of him. ROAD FC gives him his first fight away from home.  Kim Won-Gi has shown an exciting game in the cage and should make the match eventful – for someone’s head.


Also on the card, Ham Seo-Hee finally fights in Korea again, and this time with a stream you can actually watch live. The next opponent on her plate is the up-and-comer Shino Vanhoose, who now trains with Scott Jorgensen’s camp in the US and has been including lots of Thai training since her last MMA bout. All women’s MMA fans should be interested in this match

Opening up the main card is a fight between Ko Yong-Seok and Ryohei Tsujikawa. The listed ages and records make this a one-sided affair between an older and inexperienced fighter versus a young stud from Japan. However, ROAD FC officials stated that Ko is making a return to MMA after a several year layoff before which he amassed a record of 30 wins in Korean MMA events.


ROAD FC – Korea 3
The K Seoul Hotel
Seoul, South Korea

#5 – Lightweight Superfight
Kwon A-Sol (17-8) 권아솔 vs. Giovanni Diniz (21-7) 지오반니 디니즈

#4 – Middleweight
Moon Jae-Hoon (5-5) 문제훈 vs. Thiago Silva (5-2) 티아고 실바

#3 – Lightweight
Kim Won-Gi (1-4-1) 김원기 vs. Bruno Miranda (5-1) 브루노 미란다

#2 – Women’s Atomweight
Ham Seo-Hee (12-5) 함서희 vs. Shino Vanhoose (3-2) 시노 밴후스

#1 – Bantamweight
Ko Yong-Seok (30-3-1) 고용석 vs. Ryohei Tsujikawa (8-1-3) 츠지카와 료헤이


Young Guns 13

#5 – Featherweight
Lee Hyung-Seok (11-6) 이형석 vs. Jo Byeong-Ok (3-1) 조병옥

#4 – Lightweight
Park Dae-Song (3-1-1) 박대성 vs. Yoo Tae-Woo (0-0) 유태우

#3 – Bantamweight
Kim Jong-Hyun (2-0) 김종훈 vs. Lee Sung-Su (0-0) 이성수

#2 – Welterweight
Son Gyu-Seok (1-3) 손규석 vs. Yoon Sum-Jun (0-0)

#1 – Flyweight
Kim Kyu-Hwa (5-4) 김규화 vs. Kim Jae-Kyung (1-1) 김재경