ROAD FC makes it a PRIDE trifecta with Choi Hong-Man, the “Techno Goliath”



ROAD FC signs Choi Hong-Man
ROAD FC signs Choi Hong-Man

ROAD FC announced the signing of Choi Hong-Man, the third PRIDE legend from Korea to have signed with the promotion behind Yoon Dong-Sik and Choi Mu-Bae.

Choi is the giant who garnered fear, curiosity, and respect for his uniqueness that was backed up with a good set of skills. He had moderate success in the heyday of MMA in Japan and K-1’s regional popularity in the mid-2000s.

After failing his army physical, a brain tumor was discovered in Choi, and it was since removed which has corrected his health issues. He’s several years away from the ring, but at 34-years old, Choi’s not over the hill yet and can still find an impressive path to future success.

The next question, who in the world is going to face him?


Press release:

Choi Hong-Man signs with Asia’s number one MMA league ROAD Fighting Championship

On 26 April, 2015 ROAD FC officially announces that “Techno Goliath” Choi Hong-man has signed a contract to fight. Choi is one of the most famous Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Artists to come from South Korea. He stands at a giant 2.18m and possesses the skills to make him a threat to anyone in the cage or ring. Choi joins the ranks of other legendary Korean MMA fighters now signed with ROAD FC, including Yoon Dong-Sik and Choi Mu-Bae.

Choi started his martial arts career in traditional Korean wrestling. He won the 2003 Cheonhajangsa Ssireum Championship. Choi started Kickboxing in K-1 in 2005 and became the K-1 Seoul GP 2005 Champion. He has notable wins over Semmy Schilt, Gary Goodridge, and Might Mo. From 2006 to 2009 he fought MMA in K-1, PRIDE and DREAM, against the top fighters Fedor Emelianenko, Mirko Filipovic, and Minowaman.

Choi Hong-Man stated:

“ROAD FC is the best promotion in Asia. In addition, ROAD FC acknowledges that my presence has value. Because of this, I’m now with ROAD FC, and I’m going to show the power of Korean MMA to the world.”

ROAD FC CEO Jung Moon-Hong stated:

“2015 is the year that ROAD FC makes a global expansion and pushes for world-wide awareness, and the signing of Choi Hong-Man plays a part in that.”

Choi Hong-Man’s first fight will be announced soon.