SHINO VANHOOSE, female MMA prodigy, speaks on ROAD FC debut, Ham SeoHee, and her future



Shino VanHoose debuted at South Korea’s ROAD FC against Ham SeoHee on April 6, 2014. Following the event, MMA-in-ASIA pulled Shino away from her admirers to talk about her thoughts on the fight, the cage and on fighting in South Korea versus Japan.

At just 18 years old, Shino has already fought tough opponents in Japan before moving to the US and training with UFC fighter Scott Jorgensen. She returned to the sport of MMA against a tough opponent and one of the best in her division, Ham. It was an exciting two rounds in which Shino showed remarkable composure beyond her years. While she lost to Ham by Unanimous Decision, Shino had some shining moments and definitely put up much more of a competitive battle than many had believed she would. An exciting future lies ahead for this young fighter.