TOP FC 1 – “Original” Full Fight Card



TOP Fighting Championship will hold its first event entitled “Original” on June 29, 2013 at the KBS 88 Studio Arena in Seoul, South Korea. Established by Korean Top Team Head Coach Ha DongJin and partner Jeon ChanYeol, TOP FC will provide more opportunities for Korean fighters in the ring.

Korean Top Team based in Seoul has produced international players such as “Korean Zombie” Jung ChanSung, “The Ox” Yang Dongi, and Lim HyunGyu, among many other fighters. The event will be broadcast live on the cable channel FX and live online via Pandora TV KM player.

On the card will be the return to action of Yang Dongi who was cut by the UFC after going 1-4 in an arguably too-early entrance onto the big stage. The “Ox” has had difficulty finding a fight in his class in Asia, and finally he’s pitted against fellow middleweight standout Kim JaeYoung, who gave Melvin Manhoef a 3-round run for his money in ROAD FC 9. Also slated is a bout between the always entertaining slugger “Hungry” Yang HaeJun and newcomer big boy Kim DooHwan. Elsewhere on the card, “Special Force” Kim JongMan, Kang BumChan, and Gu YoungNam each return to action since 2010.

Top FC 1 – Original
June 29, 2013
KBS 88 Studio
Seoul, South Korea

-메인카드 Main Card
[미들급매치] 양동이 Dongi Yang (10-3) (KTT) vs. Kim JaeYoung 김재영 (10-4)
[라이트급매치] 방태현 Tae Hyun Bang (0-0) vs. Hwang JooDong 황주동 (3-4)
[라이트헤비급매치] 양해준 Yang HaeJun (9-4) (Team MAD) vs. Kim DooHwan 김두환 (3-1)
[라이트급매치] 김종만 Kim JongMan (22-11-3) vs. Han SungHwa 한성화 (0-0)
[웰터급매치] 김한슬 Kim HanSeul (1-0) (KTT) vs. 전영준 Jun YoungJun (0-0)

-언더카드 Under Card
[라이트급매치] 강범찬 Bum Chan Kang (3-2) (KTT) vs. Jung Su Kim 김정수 (0-0)
[페더급매치] 구영남 Yong Nam Gu (0-4) (KTT) vs. Jae Woong Kim 김재웅 (1-0)
[페더급매치] 이민구 Min Gu Lee (1-0) (KTT) vs. Gi Young Nam 남기영 (2-5-1)
[라이트급매치] 마이클 안 Michael Ahn (0-0) vs. Sung Hwa Jo 조성환 (0-0)
[밴텀급매치] 박한빈 Han Bin Park (0-0) vs. Soo Chul Lee 이수철 (0-0)

Under Card – 16:00 Main Card – 19:30 – (LIVE)
Live On FX Channel – (TV) , Pandora TV KM Player, Every On TV – (online)


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