TOP FC 2 features Featherweight Grand Prix, Kim Jae-Young vs Ben Kelleher



TOP FC 2 takes place on May 30, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. The event will feature the opening round of a Featherweight Tournament.  Kim Jae-Young versus Ben Kelleher is the main event.

Bruiser Kim Jae-Young versus Ben Kelleher is the main event. Kim added to the Korean tough-as-nails reputation when he went a full three rounds with Melvin Manhoef at ROAD FC 9. Then at TOP FC Dongi Yang KOed him at the opening bell. The momentum surged back his way with a decision win over Yoon-Young Park. Kim’s next opponent won’t be a walk in the park, either. Ben Kelleher is a New Zealander who has racked up an impressive 11-4 record on the NZ-Australian circuit. He’s also a kickboxing Champion, which explains his 5 wins by KO.

In the opening round of the Featherweight Tournament, journeyman Seung-Hwa Han is coming off a KO victory over Choi Yeong-Gwan to face undefeated Shootist Joji Mikami. Kim Jae-Woong took on Wataru Miki at VTJ on short notice and earned a very impressive UD, now he’ll face up and comer Dong-Gyu Kim. Legend FC veteran Choi Yeong-Gwang is back to avenge the KO that ruined his winning streak and he’ll try to do it against KKT’s new Min-Ok Yoon. Lastly, Han Bin Park tested the water with PXC and is back with TOP FC to take on 2-0 Kwan Ho Kwak.

The event will be live broadcast in Korea on IB Sports.

May 30, 2014
Seoul Olympic Hall
Seoul, South Korea

-Main Card-
[미들급] 김재영(노바MMA) vs. 벤 켈러허(뉴질랜드)
[Middleweight] Jae-Young Kim (Nova MMA) vs. Ben Kelleher (New Zealand)

[페더급 그랑프리 8강] 한성화(전주 퍼스트짐) vs. 미카미 죠지(일본)
[Featherweight] Seung-Hwa Han (Jeonju First Gym) vs. Joji Mikami (Japan)

[페더급 그랑프리 8강] 김재웅(화정 익스트림컴뱃) vs. 김동규(부천 트라이스톤)
[Featherweight] Jae-Woong Kim (Hwajung Extreme Combat) vs. Dong-Gyu Kim (Bucheon Tristone)

[페더급 그랑프리 8강] 최영광(노바MMA) vs. 윤민욱(코리안탑팀)
[Featherweight] Yeong-Gwang Choi (Nova MMA) vs. Min-Ok Yoon (Korean Top Team)

[밴텀급] 박한빈(부천 트라이스톤) vs. 곽관호(코리안탑팀)
[Bantamweight] Han Bin Park (Bucheon Tristone) vs. Kwan Ho Kwak (Korean Top Team)

[75kg 계약체중] 문준희(파라에스트라) vs. 손성원(프리)
[75 kg] Jun-Hee Moon (Paraestra) vs. Seong Won Son (Free)

[페더급] 박경호(파라에스트라 서울) vs. 정한국(부산 팀매드)
[Featherweight] Kyung-Ho Park (Paraestra Seoul) vs. Hankook Jeong (Busan Team MAD)

[웰터급] 정세윤(정심관) vs. 김인송(팀 블랙샤크 멀티짐)
[Welterweight] Seh Yoon Jeong (Jung Shim Kwan) vs. In Song Kim (Team Black Shark Multi Gym)

[밴텀급] 최환(파라에스트라 서울) vs. 이영준(코리안탑팀)
[Bantamweight] Hwan Choi (Paraestra Seoul) vs. Young Joon Lee(Korean Top Team)

[플라이급] 김규성(전주 퍼스트짐) vs. 정운성(YG전국구 팀)
[Flyweight] Kyu Sung KIm (Jeonju First Gym) vs. Yoon Seong Kim (Team YG)