TOP FC 4 – “Edge of Pride” preview for Kim Jae-Young vs Moise Rimbon, FW Grand Prix Semis


TOP FC 4 takes place in Seoul, South Korea on November 15, 2014. The event will be headlined by two tough veterans, Kim Jae-Young and Moise Rimbon. It will also feature the semifinals for the Featherweight Tournament.


Middleweight Bout (-84)
Kim Jae-Young 18-11 (Incheon Nova MMA) vs Moise Rimbon 21-9 (Phuket Top Team)

Kim Jae-Young, 31, will be making his fifth appearance under the TOP FC banner when he faces Moise “Swamp” Rimbon, 37, in the main event of the night. Both these fighters are very experienced and have a combined total of 20 KO/TKO finishes. This is a clear indication that they will put on a violent show for everyone to marvel at.

Kim, the figurehead of Nova MMA, is a brawler with no fear. In the past, the South Korean has fought some deadly strikers with heavy hands such as Melvin Manhoef, Denis Kang, and Hector Lombard. Even though he lost all these fights, Kim put caution to the wind and stood in the pocket and traded shots. Now, more seasoned and arguably in his prime as a fighter, he is riding a four fight winning streak. In his most recent performance at TOP FC 3, Kim destroyed his foe in just 15 seconds of the first round.

Rimbon has been around the world fighting in many locations since the year 2000. He has fought the likes of Alistair Overeem, “Minotouro” Nogueria, and Ricco Rodriguez. Although he has come to be known as a striking specialist of Phuket Top Team, do not be fooled; he is an all around mixed martial artist with some grappling skills. For example, in his last fight against a tough Kim Eun-Soo at TOP FC 3, he took the fight to the ground and finished with a kneebar, which is a rare submission to see in MMA.

This main event will not go to the judges because both of these fighters are finishers. Kim’s best chance to win the fight is to press forward and pressure Rimbon so he cannot set himself to throw his vicious Muay Thai strikes. If he pushes forward and connects with hard shots he can stun Rimbon and go for the finish. Also, Kim wants to stay off the mat because Rimbon clearly has the advantage on the ground. The South Korean has the ability to take the Frenchman down and work some ground and pound from the top, but he does not want to stay there too long since Rimbon is very slick with his submissions. This contest will most likely end with someone getting knocked out, but a submission by Rimbon is not out of the question.


Featherweight Tournament Semifinal (-66)
Han Seung-Hwa 7-4 (Jeonju First Gym) vs Jo Seung-Won 2-2-1 (Team MAD)

In the co-main event of the evening, it will be the Featherweight Tournament Semifinal between dangerous finisher Han Seung-Hwa and Jo Seung-Won.

Han is a vicious striker riding a five fight win streak and the last three have come by way of KO/TKO. Probably the favorite to win the tournament, he is not leaving his fights in the hands of the judges. In his quarterfinal fight last May against Joji Mikami, Han dispatched the Japanese native in the second round via punches.

His opponent, on the other hand, is Team MAD representative Jo Seung-Won. Whatever he lacks in experience, he makes up with confidence. In his quarterfinal bout, Jo choked out Yoon Min-Wook in the second round to advance.


Featherweight Tournament Semifinal (-66)
Kim Dong-Gyu 3-0 (Bucheon Tristone) vs Choi Young-Gwang 8-7 (Nova MMA)

In the other Featherweight Tournament Semifinal, undefeated prospect Kim Dong-Gyu faces Spirit MC and Legend FC veteran Choi Young-Gwang.

Kim is beast in every sense of the word. All of his professional fights have been first round knockouts. In his debut for TOP FC about a year ago, the Bucheon Tristone product did not waste any time in putting Choi Hwan to sleep in seven seconds. His last fight, Kim starched Kim Jae-Woong in a meager 32 seconds, allowing him to move on to the semifinals.

Choi, who is known for his war with current UFC lightweight Nam Yui-Chul back in Spirit MC, is looking to establish himself by capturing the TOP FC Featherweight title. He has stepped in the cage with well-known opponents such as Robert Lisita and Ev Ting, which will serve him well when the bell sounds.


Lightweight Bout (-70)
Kang Jung-Min 5-5-2 (East Heaven White Mountain) vs Michael Ahn 1-0 (Korean Top Team)

In one of the marquee matchups of the night, Kang Jung-Min of East Heaven White Mountain will take on Michael Ahn of Korean Top Team.

Kang Jung-Min has power in his hands that can put the lights out real quick. Out of five victories, four of them are via knockout. At TOP FC 3 last August, Kang pummeled Kang Bum-Chan in the latter part of the first round. Then, in the same month, he went over to Japan and fought to a draw against Masayuki Hamagishi. He is making his return only two months later, which is a fast turnaround for anyone.

Michael Ahn, a kickboxer and an accomplished grappler, has had a string of bad luck since his debut. Ahn stated this about getting back into competition. “I’m eager to get back into fighting, it’s an amazing journey and I learn something about myself and the world every time I fight.” He will be facing his most experienced adversary to date. He also had this to say about this match. “My opponent is the toughest challenge I’ve faced in my entire life. I expect a tough fight, tougher than asking a girl out on a date.”


November 15, 2014
Olympic Park
Seoul, South Korea

Kim Jae-Young 18-11 (Incheon Nova MMA) 김재영 (인천 노바 MMA)
Moise Rimbon 21-9 (Phuket Top Team) 모이제 림본 (푸켓 탑팀)

Featherweight Grand Prix
Han Seung-Hwa 7-4 (Jeonju First Gym) 한성환 (전주 퍼스트 짐)
Jo Seung-Won 2-2-1 (Team MAD) 조성원 (팀 매드)

Featherweight Grand Prix
Kim Dong-Gyu 3-0 (Bucheon Tristone) 김동규 (부천 트라이스톤)
Choi Young-Gwang 8-7 (Nova MMA) 최영광 (노바 MMA)

Kang Jung-Min 5-5-2 (East Heaven White Mountain) 강정민 (동천백산)
Michael Ahn 1-0 (Korean Top Team) 마이클 안 (코리안 탑팀)

Kim Dong-Hyun 11-6-3 (Team MAD) 김동현 (팀 매드)
Son Sung-Won 3-3 (No Affiliation) 손성원 (프리)

Park Han-Bin 3-2 (Bucheon Tristone) 박한빈 (부천 트라이스톤)
Jung Han-Kook 3-2 (Team MAD) 정한국 (팀 매드)

Heo Min-Suk 5-10 (East Heaven White Mountain) 허민석 (동천백산)
Kim Han-Seol 3-2 (Korean Top Team) 김한슬 (코리안 탑팀)