Video: Riki Fukuda discusses the controversial cold medicine issue, training for ROAD FC

ROAD FC's Riki Fukuda
ROAD FC’s Riki Fukuda

Riki Fukuda fights at ROAD FC 19 on November 9, 2014 against South Korea’s Lee Dool-Hee.  The consummate fighter is simply focused on the match ahead.

Fukuda was a DEEP stalwart and the Middleweight Champion before becoming a staple of the UFC. In three years, he seesawed with the promotion, but his performances were always exciting. Fukuda was cut when he tested positive for banned substances, which he claimed were due to cold medicine.

In our latest interview with Fukuda, he addresses the issue of why he used the medicine, and does state a desire to one day return to the promotion. However, Fukuda is one hundred percent focused on his next opponent in ROAD FC. He also talks about the reason behind why he’s so calm in the cage.