Malaysia’s MIMMA Season 2 Grand Finals breaks ground with full streaming coverage

MIMMA Season 2 streaming portal
MIMMA Season 2 streaming portal

Malaysian Invasion MMA Season 2: Grand Finals takes place on October 25, 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All bouts between Season 1 Champions and Season 2 finalists, plus four professional bouts, will be live streamed internationally for free.


The mammoth national amateur promotion is gearing up for the event with sequential documentaries of the trials streamed this week from their bespoke platform by sponsor TuneTalk. A total of seven episodes – five of which are playable on demand now – chronicle the six months that it took to boil down each weigh division into finalists.

MIMMA Season 2 started with open tryouts in April, 2014. The promotion packed up its cage and traveled from state to state throughout the country in order to be accessible to the widest range of participants possible. After contestants passed a three-stage tryout, the best were picked to go on to ladder matches. From there, the tournament progressed though quarterfinals, semifinals, and onto the finals, dubbed “Contenders” because the winners would all be challenging the Season 1 belt holders.

The current five episodes showcase up to the quarterfinals, where the cream finally rises to the top. However, the matches – while obviously the main feature – are not the only subject matter of the shows. The stories of the people who try out, both winners and losers, provide a stunning backdrop of Malaysian diversity and culture.

A brilliant endeavor and an enjoyable watch.

One contestant was an herbalist living in the rainforest who trained with rocks and ran on riverbeds. Another, a white collar professional who gave up everything to fight MMA. MIMMA carries on with each human interest story by getting their reaction after they win or lose, and in that moment, even more ranges of humanity are displayed.

MIMMA and its megasponsor TuneTalk produced this chronicle of their second season to introduce MMA as a sport to Malaysia, and to do so it incorporated human interest, humor, and of course action. It is the combination of these facets which make the documentary series a brilliant endeavor and an enjoyable watch.

MIMMA originally aired the documentaries on AXN. The decision to go completely live streaming reflects not only the generation to which they are appealing, but also the current rapid-fire digital age. Pay per view is not as relevant of a product in Asia as it is in the west, so the content is aired free with TuneTalk’s own – very amusing – commercial spots.

Malaysia’s MIMMA, with the massive support of TuneTalk, is breaking ground in the development of MMA in Malaysia. It is also changing the paradigm for all amateur promotions worldwide. If proponents of amateur MMA in other countries could replicate the blueprint which MIMMA and TuneTalk have penned, MMA would well be on its way to becoming a household acronym.


MIMMA 2: Grand Finals
October 25, 2014
Stadium Negara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Professional Bouts
Mark Striegl vs. Kaiwhare “Kai” Kara-France
Will Chope vs Matt Pellino
Lenny Wheeler vs Massimo Capusella
Rachel Short vs Zhen Wei
Season 1 Champs vs Season 2 Contenders:
Keanu Subba vs. Joshua Khiew
Prabu Somanaidu vs Jenarten Radhakrishnan
Kenny Yap vs Muhammad Aiman
Mohd Harsul vs Mohd Rial Ismail Celestial
Ooi Aik Tong vs Agilan Thangalapani
Darren Solomon Low vs Mohd Zulhanizam
Jing Yi Chong vs Stephen Onn