A’rr! MIMMA pirate kings Nik Harris and Matt Pellino cross swords on the poop deck


. harris vs pellino

MIMMA sets sail with a boatload of pirates and some MMA fighters on board including Nik Harris and Matt Pellino. These two will be the main event on the first ever MMA fight in a cage on a cruise ship.

Things have gotten heated ahead of the match as Malaysian standout Harris meets wrestling coach Pellino, with shots fired across the bow before anyone boards the ship. Will someone eventually be fed to the fishes? Is a plank walk in someone’s near future? Asia MMA spoke with both fighters ahead of the match to get their take on the bounty.

ASIA MMA: So sirs, what do you think about being on the first MMA fights at sea on a ship? Do you feel like a pirate?

Matt: I was drinking at the age of 15 on the Disney cruise line, Mickey Mouse was feeding me jagerbombs on top deck. If we have some hot wenches on board me don’t mind given them a spankin’.

Nik: Yarghhhhh ye wench! I’ve been watching alot of pirate themed movies leading up to the fight. I’m on Team MMA, but I still can be a better pirate. Only second to Jon Nutt because he can grow a beard fit for a lion.

ASIA MMA: Do you get seasick?

Matt: Yes.

Nik: Nope, I am one salty sea hound!

ASIA MMA: Are you worried about getting tossed out of the cage and into the sea?

Matt: The only thing Nik Harris can toss is salad.

Nik:  I will do whatever it is within my skillset and capabilities to make sure he is shark food.

ASIA MMA: What about after the fight? Do you think there should be like a loser’s punishment? Walking the plank or something?

Matt: Walking the plank.

Nik: Well I haven’t really thought of it but walking to plank sounds awesome! I can already see it. “Jump you wench loving scurvy ridden sea dog you! Into the the depths of Davy Jones locker!”

ASIA MMA: Let’s say your crew of 5 meets his crew of 5 pirates on the high seas, who would the other 4 be in your crew?

Matt: Against Nik? Nik who? Nick Diaz? Nik Harris crew if it’s led by Nik is no threat. The parrot on my shoulder can (unpublishable). 5 on 5, OK it would be me, Luc Rousseau, Gianni Subba, Malaysian Jesus Aiman, and Evil Ev. Can’t beat that squad.

Nick: Do I still get to be a pirate? Cap’n Hound would love to have 1) Peter “I’m too beautiful to have scurvy” Davis; 2) Zhen “Where is my peg leg” Wei; 3) Fouzein “I’m gonna go apeshit on you” Fozi; and 4) Andy “I’m just here to make us look more racially diverse” Teh. And the parrot on my shoulder’s name is stan. Stan rhymes with man. Stan The Cool Man. Nik the Hound and Stan the Man.

ASIA MMA: Swords or those old timey big barrel one shot cannons?

Matt: Swords all day.

Nik: Obviously a pirate sword. Terror on the high seas!

Mixed Martial A’rr will be live streamed from the deck of the SuperStar Libra on Monday, June 1 starting at 7pm Malaysia standard time at http://mixedmartialarr.com.

MIMMA presents “Mixed Martial A’rr”
June 1, 2015
SuperStar Libra Cruise Ship
Andaman Sea, Thailand

Nik Harris (6-2) vs Matt Pellino (0-1)

Michell Adelina (3-5) vs Dylan Fussell (6-1)

Chamlong Chanream (0-0) vs Allen Chong (1-0)

Kai Kara-France (8-5-1) vs Dindo Camansa (0-2)

Catchweight -73kg
Trestle Tan (3-3-1) vs Pedro Paulino (3-0)

Women’s Flyweight
Zhen Wei Foo (1-1) vs May Ooi (1-0)

Caleb Lally (5-2) vs Reysaldo Biagtan (0-3)

Andy Teh (1-1) vs Liam McGowan (1-1)

Adam Cacay (3-3) vs Mohd Fouzien (5-6)

Women’s Strawweight
Rachael Short (0-1) vs Adek Omar (0-1)