MIMMA sails into deeper waters with ambitious cruise ship event “Mixed Martial A’rr”



MIMMA's Mixed Martial A'rr
MIMMA’s Mixed Martial A’rr (composite by Asia MMA crack photoshop team)

Malaysian Invasion MMA backed by innovative telecom TuneTalk will be hosting a cruise on SuperStar Libra featuring a card of ten MMA fights. Pushing off from Penang, the ship will head to Thailand with a pirate theme, a cage, and a boatful of MMA lovers.

MIMMA, Malaysia’s nation-wide amateur MMA promotion, is currently in the middle of its third season. After inventing the “Now anyone can fight” platform, turning it into a broadcast series, and participating in developing the first team from Southeast Asia to compete in the world amateur MMA championships, MIMMA is thinking out of the box with a new way to promote the sport.

The MMA event itself will feature a mix of Southeast Asian and SE Asia-based fighters, many of whom who have developed careers within the industry and have achieved a following. Such as the two men at the top of the card, Nik Harris and Matt Pellino. Harris has been in the sport of MMA in Malaysia since 2011, arguably the start. Pellino landed a wrestling job and began teaching a much-needed aspect of the game. This is somewhat of a regional grudge match as both are outspoken and both have served as commentators for different promotions.

Team Quest Thailand’s head MMA coach Dylan Fussell will take on Nederlands striker Michell Adelina who’s done camp at Vietnam’s Saigon Sports Center in the co-main.  Fussell’s respected wrestling was topped off with Muay Thai at TQT, while Adelina himself transitioned from the stand up skills into MMA.  If contested on the feet, expect a very nice clash of fists, but likely Fussell knows to go to his bread and butter on the ground and see if Adelina can hang with him there.

UFC’s TUF China veteran Allen Solomon Chong steps up his MMA game against Chamlong Chanream in a definitive style versus style match up.  Chong’s grappling will take center stage, unless Chanream’s striking eels the bout where he wants it.

Regional stand out Kai Kara-France will face Dindo Camansa, who, even though he’s yet to make his mark in the win column, thinks he can stand up to Kai.  Trestle Tan of the Philippines will take on TUF Brazil vet Pedro Paulino.  Women’s prospects Zhen Wei Foo of Malaysia and May Ooi of Singapore should make an interesting match in their battle.

The event will be streamed live from a bespoke website http://www.mixedmartialarr.com starting at 7pm MST.  The cage is planned to be set up on the pool deck.  And who wouldn’t want to see that?

MIMMA presents “Mixed Martial A’rr”
June 1, 2015
SuperStar Libra Cruise Ship
Andaman Sea, Thailand

Nik Harris (6-2) vs Matt Pellino (0-1)

Michell Adelina (3-5) vs Dylan Fussell (6-1)

Chamlong Chanream (0-0) vs Allen Chong (1-0)

Kai Kara-France (8-5-1) vs Dindo Camansa (0-2)

Catchweight -73kg
Trestle Tan (3-3-1) vs Pedro Paulino (3-0)

Women’s Flyweight
Zhen Wei Foo (1-1) vs May Ooi (1-0)

Caleb Lally (5-2) vs Reysaldo Biagtan (0-3)

Andy Teh (1-1) vs Liam McGowan (1-1)

Adam Cacay (3-3) vs Mohd Fouzien (5-6)

Women’s Strawweight
Rachael Short (0-1) vs Adek Omar (0-1)