MIMMA Grand Finale Features Singapore – Malaysia rivalry between Sutari vs Hui

MIMMA Grand Finale Hui vs Sutari
MIMMA Grand Finale Hui vs Sutari, courtesy David Ash, SingaporeMaven.com


MIMMA’s Grand Finale on 10th October features a Singapore vs Malaysia fight between Nazri “Porkchop” Sutari (Singapore) And Hui Keng Fai (Malaysia).

The grand finale of the largest amateur MMA platform based in Malaysia, Malaysian Invasion MMA (MIMMA), will take place on Saturday 10th October 2015 at 7pm, at Stadium Putra in Kuala Lumpur. Amongst the exciting fights lined up, the one to watch would be that which plays out the classic Malaysia – Singapore rivalry in the cage between 19 year old Malaysian fighter Hui Keng Fai and 25 year old Singaporean fighter Nazri Sutari. As MIMMA aims to nurture young, up and coming MMA athletes by providing them with a platform to develop their fight skills and experience, the grand finale would be one of the most important events for the fight careers of both aspiring to be professional MMA fighters one day.

Keng Fai’s MMA journey was inspired by his father who had been a big martial arts enthusiast. His determination could be gleaned from the efforts he had made to pursue his interest in MMA, from juggling his pharmaceutical studies with his fight training, and moving further afield from home to get closer to his gym. What drives this young man to keep honing his fight skills regardless of the obstacles in his way, is his tenacity in wanting to push his boundaries and ” break through my own perceived limits”. Competing at the MIMMA grand finale was a big break for Keng Fai who considered the promotion as one that had good publicity enough to apply pressure on him to work harder towards his goals. He added, ” MIMMA puts me in a good place to gain more experience. One day, in the near future, I hope to be fighting with even bigger organisations when I turn professional. I am working on being stronger, faster and better each day because eventually, I want to make waves in the Asian MMA scene, and I can see myself doing that as I take my fight career into my 30s.”

Nazri would not be new to competition and he remained unfazed by the fact that he would be the only Singaporean on the fight card at MIMMA’s grand finale. This was because he was previously a national fencer and had also participated in the inaugural Singapore Fighting Championship late last year. Very self-assured, Nazri made it quite clear that he was in the game to make a name for himself as a professional MMA fighter and would pull out all stops to reach his fullest potential.
Like Keng Fai, Nazri aimed to use MIMMA as a stepping stone for his goal to turn professional one day. He said, “It is one of the biggest amateur MMA tournament in this region so what better way is there to build one’s name and showcase one’s fighting skills than by joining this tournament?”

Keng Fai founded his fight skills on striking but had been putting a lot more work to train his grappling skills everyday for the last one and the half years under Pedro Falbo, a 3rd degree black belt BJJ exponent and Saeed Chapari, a wrestling champion. Keng Fai said, “I am constantly improving my grappling, and the more I improve, the more I realised there are more areas to improve on. While my coaches believe that my ground game is better than my striking, I do admit that I still prefer my stand-up game.”

Nazri too admitted that he seemed to be stronger with his striking skills as he had similarly founded his fight skills on Muay Thai before transitioning to train as an all-rounded fighter in MMA. He felt that he was lighter and quicker on his feet and further added, ” As a national fencer previously, I am naturally very comfortable on my feet.”

While both were deemed to be strong strikers, Nazri is currently working on being an adept striker who could just as confidently submit his opponent. Keng Fai on the other hand is working on being more fluid in his fight style and aimed to get even more technical as he steps up his training in preparation for his fight this weekend.

Unconvinced of the edge Nazri might have with his experience as an athlete who understood the pressures of competition, Keng Fai felt that his biggest strength lie in his fight experience at amateur competitions in these two years. MIMMA’s grand finale would be his 11th time pitting his skills in the cage as an amateur MMA Fighter and had also entered several BJJ competitions.

While Keng Fai felt that Nazri was a strong and explosive fighter, he regarded himself as more well-rounded and experienced, ” and poised to take home a win.” He was keen to dispel the Malaysia-Singapore rivalry and emphasised that it did not put added pressure on him. He was more focused on putting on his best performance in the cage this weekend.

Nazri, in his typical self-assured style, quipped that his performance this weekend would be a result of the success of his training camp. He said that he was going to enter the cage with ” all guns blazing and I am not holding anything back.”

While his self-confidence was evident, Nazri tempered it with his level-headed advice for fellow up and coming fighters. He said, “Training hard is still not enough. As fighters we cannot depend on fighting as our main source of income. You can only fight so much before your body gives way. Therefore before anything, you need to have a vision for yourself in life. You need to ask yourself hard questions about what you would be doing after you retire from MMA. So train hard. Train smart. Set some goals. Learn to build an income to supplement your passion. Most importantly, have a vision for yourself.”

Be sure to watch this catchweight bout between Malaysia’s Hui Keng Fai, fighting out of Muay Fit and Singapore’s Nazri Sutari, fighting out of Impact MMA. MIMMA’s grand finale takes place on Saturday 10th October at 7pm at Stadium Putra. For more information, visit http://www.malaysianinvasion.com/.

You may also catch the stream for free LIVE on www.malaysianinvasion.com starting 7pm (+8 GMT). Fights on the main card will also be shown live on Malaysian free-to-air TV, RTM TV1 starting 8.45pm (+8 GMT).