Video interview: Matt Pellino on debut at MIMMA against Will Chope, and Malaysian MMA

MIMMA's Matt Pellino
MIMMA’s Matt Pellino

Matt Pellino will make his MMA at MIMMA 2 Grand Finals as the main event on October 25, 2014. The young Malaysia-based wrestling coach will face a very well-traveled Will Chope.


Pellino has been in Malaysia for about two years and has been coaching wrestling at Klinch MMA. He garnered the announcer’s job when MIMMA went live at tryouts and matches in malls around the country, calling out the fights as he saw them to inform the crowd of the moves being used in the cage.

His first MMA fight will take place at MIMMA, and his opponent is the heavily-traveled journeyman Chope, a UFC vet. As for the disparagement in records, the matchmakers and supporters on both sides of the camp are totally comfortable. Chope has made a feud personal and public by calling out Pellino for what he perceives are misleading statements of credentials, among other things.

Pellino’s response in the lead up to the fight ha been reserved and humorous. In this interview, he comments,

“It’s not like it’s something I haven’t heard before from somebody I don’t care about either.

Pellino also talks about how he was catapulted to the status of coach at a young age, and why,

I came to Asia… to learn, and I ended up teaching… To be honest, I feel like I’m too young to be teaching, too… But I’m not going to be in room and see a guy shooting a double leg and staying on his knees.”

Pellino also discusses his favorite go-to moves in wrestling, his ongoing contract with ONe FC, how he sees the state of MMA in Malaysia, and of course on his opponent and how the fight bewteen them will go down.

Pellino’s fight will be broadcast live and free via on October 25, 2014. The amateur championship fights start at 7pm MST.