Video Interview: Will Chope on life after the UFC, his heated prefight banter at MIMMA 2

Will Chope at MIMMA 2
Will Chope at MIMMA 2

Will Chope will fight Matt Pellino at MIMMA 2 Grand Finals as the main event on October 25, 2014. The outspoken featherweight has matured since his premature UFC release, but he still doesn’t shy from controversy.


Chope’s made it a point to call out Pellino for perceived character flaws and what he believes are overstated claims of his credentials. Well, Chope’s own words are a bit choicer, but better left coming from his own mouth. In this interview, he explains his thinking, and his hostility, and ends by simply saying,

“I’m out to settle a score. To make a statement. To make an example of him.”

Chope also explains the reason he took the fight against the MME debutant,

“I’m just fighting for the money. I make my living almost solely off my fight purses.”

However, he’s not taking the fight lightly. He knows he has to take Pellino seriously because of the small community of people who have trained with both fighters and say positive things about him. Chope feels he has to be concerned about Pellino’s weight and wrestling, but he plans to utilize the unique ruleset of soccer kicks and knees to a grounded opponent.

Chope also talks about his life after the UFC and his immediate goals to build up his momentum, crazy fight promotions he’s been in, some upcoming Malaysian fighters, and how he sees the future of Malaysian MMA.

Chope’s fight will be broadcast live and free via on October 25, 2014. The amateur championship fights start at 7pm MST.