Nam Yui-Chul vs Phillipe Nover added to UFC Fight Night Manila on May 16th

ROAD FC Lightweight Champion Nam Yui-Chul defeats Kume Takasuke
ROAD FC Lightweight Champion Nam Yui-Chul defeats Kume Takasuke

Nam Yui-Chul of Korea and Philippe Nover of Filipino mixed heritage will meet in the first UFC card in the Philippines on May 16, 2015.

The UFC announced the match through the Philippines’ media partner ABS-CBN on Monday afternoon. Asia MMA first indicated Nam Yui-Chul’s possible involvement on the card in our earlier break of the Frankie Edgar versus Urijah Faber main event.

Nam is on a massive win streak that includes back to back title win and defense of the ROAD FC Lightweight Championship against Japanese powerhouse Kume Takasuke that launched him into the UFC, and a blistering Fight of the Night with Kazuki Tokudome at the UFC TUF China Finale in March of last year.

Nam’s grinding pressure game has slowly evolved into well-rounded power in all aspects of his game. This next challenge will be a drip to featherweight for the first time.

Nover is one of the many fighters of Filipino heritage who asked to be placed on the UFC’s groundbreaking card in Manila. Nover’s original run towards the UFC started on TUF 8, where he received high praise from coaches and Dana White alike, eventually being defeated in the finals. His UFC appointment continued with two losses, the last of which was a controversial decision that sent him packing.

Nover was awarded the spot aon the Manila card nd signed back to the UFC after remaking himself and having a strong run in Bellator and Ring of Combat, where he won the Lightweight Championship. The BJJ black belt has another tie to the card as he faced Frankie Edgar at Grapple at the Garden in 2013. Nover will have a huge challenge in dropping to featherweight; he originally began his career at 77 kgs.