Roldan Sangcha-an on his UFC debut at New Zealand’s Fight Night “Te Huna vs Marquardt”

Roldan Sangcha-an's UFC debut
Roldan Sangcha-an’s UFC debut

Roldan Sangcha-an makes his UFC debut on June 28, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand for UFC Fight Night – Te Huna vs. Marquardt against Australia’s Richie Vaculik.

Born in 1990 in Saclit Sadanga, Mountain Province, Philippines, Roldan grew up showcasing great signs of enthusiasm, drive, and exploration for the things life had to offer. These character traits made his transition into martial arts seamlessly. He was constantly active during his teen years participating in sports such as boxing and Wushu Sanshou.

Beginning his career at the age of 17 with boxing and sanshou, Roldan’s hunger toward the sport grew after seeing his coaches from Team Lakay, Eduard Folayang, Mark Sangiao, Kevin Belingon and Roy Docyogen dominating not only in Wushu Sanshou national championships, but also the MMA leagues in the Philippines.

Sangcha-an is a very athletic guy who never backs down from any challenge. The 23-year-old is always entertaining inside the ring or cage because of his very exciting style of fighting and never-ending cardio. He is undefeated with a record of 4-0, submitting two of his foes in the second round and the other two via TKO.

MMA-in-ASIA spoke with Roldan “The Executioner” Sangcha-an before his very important debut.

MMA-in-Asia: What was the first martial art that you learned?

Roldan: When I was a kid, I remember me and my playmates are kicking and punching each other because that’s the way how we play as a kid. Then one day, one of my friends invited me to train Wushu Sanshou and the rest is history.

MMA-in-Asia: What has Wushu taught you?

Roldan: I started in 2007 when I was 17. I’m so grateful because I’ve learned how to punch and kick properly because of Sanshou.

MMA-in-Asia: Why did you choose MMA over other sports?

Roldan: I chose this sport because it taught me how to discipline myself in a good way. My coaches at Team Lakay, Mark Sangiao and Eduard Folayang were also the reasons why I love this sport. They are true champions outside and inside the ring; they’ve taught me how to become a better and productive person. This sport also helps me to finance my needs, especially my education.

MMA-in-Asia: You are training at Team Lakay with a stable of well-known fighters. What is it like being part of this team?

Roldan: I’m so gratified being a part of such a great team. My coaches taught me how to be respectful and love my self and others. I’m so proud because I’m a Team Lakay fighter.

MMA-in-Asia: What was your initial reaction when Coach Mark told you about your UFC contract?

Roldan: Coach Mark asked me if I want to fight and I said yes right away, but I didn’t know that it is going to be in the UFC. When he told me I am fighting in the UFC, I got very excited and all I just did was train so hard because I want to show to people tha I am capable to fight in the world’s largest MMA promotion.

MMA-in-Asia: This fight with Vaculik in the UFC is a huge opportunity in your young MMA career. How do you feel about this chance to showcase your skills in front of millions of fight fans around the world?

Roldan: God is good for giving me this opportunity to fight in the UFC. I know this fight is so important in my career that’s why I worked hard in training. But I will also show my good sportsmanship and skills on my UFC debut.

MMA-in-Asia: What do you know about Vaculik?

Roldan: Based on what I’ve seen in his fight videos, he is good in takedowns, boxing, and submissions.

MMA-in-Asia: Can you tell us a bit about your preparations?

Roldan: We prepared so well for this fight. I trained two times a day, each session lasts three hours. Coach let me experience what it feels like being so tired in practice so that when fight night comes, I am well-prepared.

MMA-in-Asia: How does it feel knowing you are going to fight in front of thousands of fans in the arena and millions of viewers around the world? Does it give you extra pressure or does it motivate you more to train hard?

Roldan: It’s indescribable! I am so pumped for this big break of my career.

MMA-in-Asia: How’s your weight cut so far? Did you have any problems cutting weight in the past? Because you seem like a massive flyweight fighter.

Roldan: Weight cutting is probably the hardest part of preparing for a fight. But I learned a lot in my past fights. I can cut weight easy now.

MMA-in-Asia: Richie Vaculik is known for his submission skills. What do you think is your advantage over him?

Roldan: My biggest advantage over him is my cardio. I am a well-rounded fighter and very hungry to win.

MMA-in-Asia: Team Lakay is known for being powerful strikers. When it comes to sparring sessions, do you guys do hard sparring to the point where you are hurting your team-mates too much? Or it is part of your routine having such an intense sparring sessions?

Roldan: We always spar hard to know what is really like being hit and pressured in a fight but we make sure that our partners won’t get injured.

Sangcha-an will appear on the preliminaries which begins at 11:30am PhilsST. The event will be aired on the UFC’s internet channel Fight Pass here.