TITAN WARS PILIPINAS: a new professional tournament-style promotion set to begin



A new promotion is set to make waves in Philippine MMA this year as Titan Wars Pilipinas gets ready for their inaugural show on April 5, 2014 at Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City, Philippines.

Titan Wars Pilipinas is the first-ever ladder type professional MMA fighting competition in the country which aims to bring MMA to the next level in the Philippines. Titan Wars’ Chief Information Officer Dan Paul Dava explained:

“It is different from other Philippine MMA promotions because of the format itself. Titan Wars Pilipinas deviated from the usual ratings-based competitions and brought in a concept which is similar to the traditional Katana tournaments. Here is where fight record would not matter, but rather the ability to mix physical readiness and mental stability to win successively. Also, the thrust of Titan Wars Pilipinas is to tap on as many fight camps as possible for 2014, we started of with three weight divisions – flyweight, bantamweight, and featherweight – and with each division, a gym could only field in one fighter. We went to the “Gym Wars” concept so that fighters would fight not only for themselves but for their respective gyms as well. We believe that a true Titan Champion is out there, more than ready to dominate but unfortunately is not given the chance.”

Titan Wars is also set to stage amateur tournaments starting February 1st at the Gulp Club in Panay Avenue, Quezon City. The winners of these fights will have their tickets for Titan Wars’ 2015 professional tournaments. As for the professional series, Dava outlines the schedule of events for the currently planned tournament:

“Our first two events would be on April 5th, and May, 2014. “Unleash the Titans” and “Unleash the Titans 2″ in rounds of 16 will feature 48 fighters coming from a total of 17 participating gyms. The winners of the tourney’s first leg – April 5th – and the winners of the second leg – May – will meet in July for the Quarterfinals, then will move on to Semifinals which would be in September. Then the Finals would be in December. Five major fight nights in total. These gyms have only three chances to get to the top, which makes the tournament more exciting.”

Here are the cards for the first two legs of the tournament:


This will be a huge opportunity for young up-and-comers to start their MMA careers, especially to those fighters who are coming from the provinces around the Philippines. Skilled fighters can be found almost everywhere in the country because of its rich boxing history and the obsession with full contact sports. Despite of having many talented MMA fighters in the country, there are still a lot of improvements to make when it comes to the overall MMA skills of Filipino fighters, especially in their wrestling game. However, in the past years, the biggest problem for young fighters was that they were not given the chance to showcase their skills because of the relatively few MMA promotions in the country. But now that Titan Wars has joined Pacific Xtreme Combat, Universal Reality Combat Championship, Team Lakay Championship, Smoker Fights, Academy Fighting Championship, and other amateur leagues in hosting events in the Philippines, many more opportunities will open up, not only for aspiring fighters, but also for gym owners, coaches, and sponsors.