BEN ASKREN joins Singapore’s Evolve MMA Fight Team

Courtesy USA Today

Ben Askren has dominated the hot topics leaderboard for quite a while. The Bellator Welterweight Champion was recently released from the promotion after a long period of deliberations and negotiations. His next move sees him adding on to fight camps rather than another promotion. Evolve MMA has announced that Askren will be joining the pro Fight Team.

Askren is considered to be the #7 welterweight by Fight! Magazine and the #8 welterweight by Sherdog. He is a superior wrestler with accolades stretching from NCAA Championships to the Olympics. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt was head wrestling coach for ATT and most frequently represented Roufusport. After a short 4 years in MMA, he remains undefeated and looks to pounce upon the pinnacle of the sport. He will do that by taking advantage of the roster of world champions across the board at Evolve MMA, and no doubt the fight team will glean more than a bit from him as well.

Grappling champion Herbert Burns, Muay Thai champions Chalee Sor Chaitamin and Saenghirun Lookbanyai, and MMA prodigy Irshaad Sayed have all been added to the roster at Evolve MMA this year.

After much-awaited speculation is rife that Askren will sign with ONE FC, just as other international stars have opted to do, such as Shinya Aoki and Bibiano Fernandes. The welterweight division of ONE FC currently lists about 13 fighters, including the two most recently chosen to vie for the belt, Adam Kayoom and Nobutatsu Suzuki. Others are Fabricio Monteiro, Cha JungHwa, Igor Gracie, Marcos Escobar, Phil Baroni, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Wicktor Svensson, Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Yuya Shirai, and Zuli Silawanto.