When sitting down at the computer to begin the daily scrounge of collecting bits of news items pertaining to the wonderful people that make up the world of MMA in Asia, I noticed my friend Wesley De Souza‘s Facebook post about an Evolve MMA blog entry.  He thanked Evolve for listing his site, “The Fight Nation”, as one of the best Asian MMA websites.  Of course I had to immediately check out the blog – not only because I was curious if www.MMA-in-Asia.com was mentioned – but also because I read everything Wes posts.

Here’s the original Evolve MMA entry.  And here’s the text:

Stay in touch with the ever-changing world of MMA! For your benefit, our experts have compiled a list of the best MMA websites from around the world for breaking news, cutting-edge analysis, and random cool stuff.  These websites are the leaders in MMA and officially receive the Seal of Excellence from Evolve MMA.  Simply click on the links below and start following the news daily!

Global MMA News:

Asian MMA News:
The Fight Nation (Wesley De Souza)
Bloody Elbow (Anton Tabuena)
MMA Mania and Bloody Elbow (James Goyder)
MMA in Asia (Lili T)
MMA Japan (Michael Hackler)
MiddleEasy (Zeus) 

Best Asian MMA Reporters on Twitter:
Anton Tabuena 
Wesley De Souza 
James Goyder 
Michael Hackler 
Dan Herbertson 
Lili T 

Thank you to Evolve MMA and Yodchatri Sityodtong for their appreciation of my efforts.  It has been an all-encompassing challenge to stay on top of the events transpiring in this constantly-expanding community.  It is very rewarding and humbling when I receive any words of encouragement or favorable mentions.  And when it comes from a such a well-known source as Evolve, it is much-appreciated because their voice carries quite far.

It is also exciting to be considered with some very well-known figures in the media.  Dan Herbertson and Mike Hackler have risen to prominence through the auspices of the institution that is Japanese MMA.  Their diverse roles and diligence have been instrumental in keeping JMMA at the forefront of international MMA consciousness.  Therefore, their contributions to the sport are monumental.  It is sad that Dan’s role in this has changed, and hopefully we can see him contribute his valuable efforts in other ways.

Anton Tabuena is the most complete and encompassing journalist on MMA in Asia, in my opinion.  He’s right in the hotbed of Filipino MMA – the longest existing MMA culture outside of Japan – and he has the ability to scoop, update, and add insight to every piece he writes.  James Goyder is a name everyone in Southeast Asia knows, and he’s the single most prolific writer on the subject of MMA outside of Japan.  His work appears everywhere, and he’s quick to spot the important issues as he’s deeply imbedded in the community.

Zeus and MiddleEasy are everybody’s guilty pleasure ‘go to’.  Wes De Souza started The Fight Nation quite recently, but he’s hit upon a combination of frolic and fact that make for an interesting read.  He’s also spotlighting regional athletes on a regular basis, which is a great contribution to the community.  Being that Wes is in Singapore smack between movers and shakers gives him prime insight to new developments.

I started Asia MMA on Facebook in July of 2011 – nine months ago!  Time has flown by.  It was born out of several things: my love for the sport, the need to fill the gap in cross-cultural MMA information, and the desire to share the incredible growth of MMA with everyone associated with it.  The actual impetus for even starting this project comes from my BJJ coach at Triquest MMA, Thomas Fan.  Thomas has been a relatively quiet but highly instrumental proponent of BJJ and MMA in all of Asia for the past ten years.  I’ve been extremely humbled by his willingness to include me in this adventure and share his vast knowledge.  This has changed my life, much for the better.

I quickly realized the transition to a website portal was an immediate necessity in order to be able to fully share all aspects of the community.  Having been actively involved in the BJJ community of Asia for a several years, I spoke with the leading activist and proponent of the closely-knitted BJJ community, BJJ-Asia.com founder Luke Chaya of BKK BJJ.  Luke’s blog has become the definitive go-to portal for information on all BJJ in Asia, and most recently he was instrumental in getting the World Pro Trials for Malaysia rescheduled to this weekend, avoiding conflicts with previously scheduled tournaments.  Luke gave me some great advice, helped with the format, and that logo you see I’m proud to say it’s his creation.

So, in September of 2011, MMA-in-ASIA.com was born!  Being a writer and speaker by profession, interviews and articles were a natural progression.  Adding resources such as teams and a complete list of promotions took a little work, and I still ask for everyone to help me expand the list as it grows – everyone deserves to be recognized.  Further elements to help the community are being worked on right now.  Keeping on top of everything that happens is definitely a challenge, and I thank everyone who participates in growing MMA – from the journalists to the gyms and the promoters – and I will always give credit where credit is due.

My aim is to showcase the athletes, for they are the heart and soul of MMA.  As the community grows in Asia, and as more events are held, I will endeavor to do everything within my small circle of influence to raise the awareness of the sport, put it on a track of positive development, and see that MMA in Asia gets the recognition it so rightfully deserves.

And lastly, THANK YOU to everyone who considers these efforts important enough to follow.  The hit count goes up exponentially every week, and I sincerely feel humbled that more than a few people support the goals I am trying to achieve.  MMA is awesome!


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