REBEL FC 1 features Takeshi vs Lisita, plus a mix of top international fighters and amateurs



Rebel Fighting Championship will host their first event on December 21, 2013, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Lion Takeshi versus Rob Lisita headlines, international talents fill the main card above rising amateurs on the prelims.

“Lion” Takeshi Inoue is a true legend of the Japanese MMA culture. A dyed-in-the-wool Shootist, he was a Shooto Rookie King, a Shooto Pacific Rim Champion, and a Shooto World Champion. In a career of almost 30 fights, he has never been knocked out or submitted. Lion has power in his hands and speed in his feet – he can be both brutal knock out artist and brilliant tactician. While his recent career fights are in the red column, Lion is still a force to be reckoned with and a hot commodity.

Rebel FC brings Takeshi out of Japan for the very first time in his career to face Australian Rob Lisita. To judge Lisita’s style by what is on paper is a bit like picking a racehorse you’ve never seen run. He has plenty of submissions to his credit, but his money is in the stand and bang. Lisita was only ever finished early in his career. His recent year of work has put him through some nail-biting battles. He is a pit bull to the lion who will stand across from him fight night.

Hwang GyoPyung is a young lightweight from the highly-touted Korean Top Team. As such, he’s been thrown into the deep end from the very start of his career. Syafiq Samad is a native Singaporean with good boxing and ground work. He’ll be garnering the hometown support at the top of the Rebel FC card.

Kim DooHwan is another standout fighter from KTT. He proved himself a force to be reckoned with in his last very tough fight with “Hungry” Yang HaeJun that ended with a split decision in his favor. Kim was set to face HEAT Champion Cristiano Kamanishi in the Brazilian’s return to the game after injury, but again injury struck. Kim will now face a late notice opponent yet to be revealed.

** Update ** Kim DooHwan’s opponent will be Chris Hofmann from the Philippines. He is from the powerhouse team DEFTAC, and comes highly recommended by URCC management. Chris will make his debut against Kim after many turned the tough fight down. He has good raw power in his stand up, and he can bring the fight to the ground with his wrestling skills.

Another interesting international match on the card is between high-profile fighters Marcos Vinicius and Taiyo Nakahara. “Vina” is a TUF alumni and only recently departed from the UFC. The Curitaba killer has NO decisions on his record – he is a finisher plain and simple. The tall flyweight has dangerous range and plyer-like limbs. Nakahara has long been a huge prospect in Japan. He ascended the ranks of Sengoku and looked to be the future Bantamweight belt holder when the promotion suddenly shut. He signed to Legend FC to again face the same dilemma. The Wayjutsu prodigy will scramble and look for any opening he sees, standing but more likely on the ground.

The final bout on the pro card sees young Finnish Glenn Sparv face travelled Brazilian Alberto Mina. Both Sparv and Mina uprooted their lives to come to Asia for a full-time career in combat sports. At Team Quest, the tall Finn has added skills to his youth and strength. He has power in his punching and has not been finished in his MMA career. Mina is a BJJ black belt and 3rd degree judoka. For the past year he’s been striking with Vuyisile Colossa and Mostafa Abdollahi at Epic MMA. An unfortunate pause in his MMA career was caused due to a contract with Bellator, with whom he signed but never got a fight. A contracts of styles, ages, strengths and shapes will make this an interesting match.

Rebel FC 1
December 21, 2013
Singapore Indoor Stadium

Takeshi “Lion” Inoue (21-8) vs Rob ‘Ruthless’ Lisita (12-5)

Gyo Pyung Hwang (3-3) vs Syafiq ‘The Slasher’ Abdul Bin Samad (2-0)

Light Heavyweight
Doo Hwan ‘The Rhino’ Kim (5-2) vs Chris Hofmann (0-0)

Marcos Vinicius Pancini (20-5-1) vs Taiyo ‘The Sun’ Nakahara (13-7)

Glenn Sparv (7-2) vs Alberto Mina (9-0)

Amateur Preliminaries

Garie Tang vs. Mohd Amir Ghafar

Jen Loh Lim vs. Amirul Syafiq

Mohammed Alsebaie vs. Muhammad Nazri

Mubarak Abdat vs. Timothy Tung

He Chong Qing vs. Andy Neo Hong Chee

Azman vs. Sholihin Bin Rahman