Singapore Fighting Championship 3, The Next Chapter weigh in and media



Singapore, 9th June 2016 – The third instalment of SFC returns on Friday, 10 June with an exciting line up of 13 fights including an international contingent of fighters from America, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Australia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. Held at the Singapore Futsing Association, this impactful event follows hot on the heels of the highly acclaimed SFC 2, held earlier this year and boasts a larger venue and a more diverse ensemble of professional fighters from around the world.

“Judging from the quality of the last two SFC events it is clear that there is a large talent pool of eager fight sports competitors in Singapore and the region. The aim of SFC is not only to showcase this raw and diverse talent but to also nurture it, develop it and eventually make Singapore into the fight hub of Asia,” said Mr Arvind Lalwani, President of Singapore Fighting Championship.

Headlining the event is Nurshahidah ‘The Sniper’ Roslie, who made history at SFC 2 as Singapore’s first female professional boxer. Fresh off her successful professional debut as well as her recent second professional fight in Indonesia, Nurshahidah will be contesting for the prestigious UBO Female Inter- Continental Super Featherweight title against an experienced opponent from Thailand, Wondergirl Sithsaithong, a veteran of 12 fights. Winning the upcoming fight will secure Nurshahidah’s title as Singapore’s first female professional boxing champion.

The co-main events will feature the current ‘Golden Boy’ of the Southeast Asia’s boxing scene, Muhamad Ridhwan from Singapore. Ridhwan has remained undefeated in his first two professional fights and has earned himself the bronze medal in the SEA Games four times. Ridhwan’s fight inSingapore will be against a 15 fight veteran boxer from Indonesia, Egi Rozten.

Additionally, K-1 Kickboxing matches sanctioned by the World Association of Kickboxing Organization (WAKO) will be added to the exciting line-up. Local Muay Thai fighters Terrence Teo, who is also the first Singaporean to win the Johor Ministers Muay Thai Championship in 2015, and Andre Misran, a veteran Muay Thai fighter, will be battling for the WAKO Singapore Middleweight title.

Also on the fight card is Singapore female fighter Laxmi Devaindran, who will be showcasing her kickboxing chops against a 50 fight veteran Sirisopa Sirisok competing for the WAKO Singapore Female

Super Featherweight Championship.

A major highlight of SFC 3 will be the MMA fight events that will showcase diverse fighting styles and groundwork. Crowd favorite and Thailand-based American fighter Will Chope will be facing off against Indonesian fighter Budi Kalbar, a professional boxer and MMA fighter with over 10 fights under his belt. Attendees can also look forward to seeing Singaporean fighter Tiffany “Soul Crusher” Teo go head to head with Liezel Lumindas from the Philippines who, despite being the oldest competitor at 41 years of age, is very much a force to contend with.

As if this wasn’t enough, the undercard of this sensational event is bursting with amateur and professional talent from around the world. Attendees will be in for a treat as their skills are put on display in a series of amazing MMA and boxing match-ups.



1. Aziz Abdugafarov (Uzbekistan) vs Sahian Coral (Indonesia)                 Middleweight Pro Boxing 72.5kg

2. Quadratillo Abduqaxorov (Uzbekistan) vs Larry Siwu (Indonesia) Welterweight Pro Boxing 66.7kg

3. Alvin Ang (Singapore) vs Lim Zhen Teng (Singapore)                                 Amateur MMA Flyweight 57.5kg

4. Tan Shi Yin (Singapore) vs Shannon Lam (Malaysia)                           Amateur MMA Strawweight 52.2kg

5. Luke Leasure (USA) vs Silvio Romero Da Siva (Brazil)                                 Pro MMA Featherweight 66.3kg

6. Luke Adams (USA) vs Nattapak Kiatfilipin (Thailand)                               PRO MMA Featherweight 66.3kg

7. Raf Majid (Singapore) vs Alex Lim (Malaysia)                                              Pro Boxing Light Heavyweight 79.4kg

8. Laxmi Devaindran (Singapore) vs Sirisopa Sirisak (Thailand)                       K1 Kickboxing Superfeatherweight 59kg  WAKO Singapore Female Super Featherweight Championship

*WAKO Singapore Female Super Featherweight Championship

9. Will Chope (USA) vs Budi Kalbar (Indonesia)                                               Pro MMA Lightweight 70.8 kg

10. Tiffany Teo (Singapore) vs Lumindas Liezel Mersol (Philippines)                Pro MMA Bantam Weight  61.2 kg

11. Terrence Teo (Singapore) vs Andre Misran (Singapore)                             K1 Kickboxing Middleweight 75kg

*WAKO Singapore Middleweight Championship

12. Muhamad Ridhwan (Singapore) vs Egi Rozten (Indonesia)                      Pro Boxing super featherweight 58.9kg

13. Nurshahidah Roslie vs Wondergirl Sithsaitong (Thailand)                          Pro Boxing super featherweight 58.9kg

*UBO Female Intercontinental Super Featherweight Title