PRO FC 10: Chad Reiner vs Takenori Sato, Taiwan promotion returns with 12 matches



PRO FC 10 Chad Reiner vs Takenori Sato
PRO FC 10 Chad Reiner vs Takenori Sato, courtesy Mactography

Pacific Rim Organized Fighting (PRO FC) launches its tenth event on May 9, 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan with the Welterweight title on the line between Chad Reiner and Takenori Sato.

The Taiwanese promotion has made a history of pitting nation against nation and this card makes use of that in spades for this event. Reiner of the USA and Sato of Japan face off from opposite sides of the world with a wealth of experience between them. Both men have competed for the UFC, both have a decade in the sport, and both have held championship belts in other promotions.

Also from opposite sides of the globe are the co-main event fighters, Korea’s Kim Hoon and Canada’s Moise Rimbon. Heavy hitters with lots of experience will make this a guaranteed KO for someone.

Taiwan’s own stand out Jeff Huang meets the Philippines’ Trestle Tan towards the top of the card. Several more Taiwanese fighters follow, including Zhang Jingxiong, female fighter Jenny Huang, and debuting card openers Neil Huang and Wu Peixui.

A PRO FC card wouldn’t be complete without the inimitable Will Chope, who faces a Mongolian K-1 karateka transitioning to MMA in Narantuya Taivan. Once again Chope will enjoy the reach advantage and a standing headlock of some sort could be the fatal blow.

Other notable fighters on the card include Yasuaki Miura versus Luke Jumeau, Moon Ki-Bum versus undefeated Chris Fishgold, and Kai Kara-France versus Jang Ik-Hwan.

May 9, 2015
Taipei Gymnasium
Taipei, Taiwan

#12 – Welterweight Championship
Chad Reiner  vs.  Takenori Sato

#11 – Middleweight
Hoon Kim  vs.  Moise Rimbon

#10 – Welterweight
Jeff Huang  vs.  Trestle Tan170 lbs

#9 – Lightweight
Gokhan Turkyilmaz  vs.  Koji Takeuchi154 lbs

#8 – Featherweight
Will Chope  vs.  Narantuya Taivan145 lbs

#7 – Lightweight
Richard Corminal  vs.  Jingxiong Zhang154 lbs

#6 – Featherweight
Ki Bum Moon  vs.  Chris Fishgold

#5 – Welterweight
Yasuaki Miura  vs.  Luke Jumeau170 lbs

#4 – Bantamweight
Ricky Camp  vs.  Emalo Urrutia

#3 – Women’s match Catchweight 50kg
Daizy Singh  vs.  Jenny Huang

#2 – Catchweight 59kg
K. Kara-France  vs.  Ik Hwan Jang

#1 – Catchweight
Neil Huang  vs.  Peixiu Wu