PRO Fighting MMA 9 announced for May 25th, Will Chope back in action after UFC fiasco



PRO Fighting MMA announced its first event of 2014 for May 25 in Taipei, Taiwan. Following a very high-profile release from the UFC, Will Chope will return to face Jeremy Kennedy.

Chope made his name in an outspoken way across Asia by taking fights anywhere and everywhere. He became the URCC’s Featherweight Champion Instead of respect, it more often earned him scorn from the peanut gallery who claimed it was only record-padding. Chope silenced critics when he faced and defeated King of Pancrase Takumi Nakayama at PXC 40 last year.

Subesquently Chope was signed by the UFC in its Asian expansion and made his debut against Max Holloway in Singapore. He was knocked out, which broke an amazing 14-fight winning streak. Chope was given another chance at UFC Brazil’s Shogun versus Henderson 2, but when an article was posted regarding his release from the military and spousal abuse, the UFC cut him immediately, even while he was already on the ground weight cutting in Brazil.

Chope explained the circumstances around those events years earlier, and described the situation as well as his time served and his disclosure to the UFC in our interview following the cut. He and his ex-wife, with whom the charges were filed and the misdemeanor charged, released a statement together, reconciling, and urging the UFC to reconsider.

While Chope’s future with the UFC may or may not be an option again, the Lanky Madness is getting back in the cage as quickly as possible. The Taiwanese promotion PRO Fighting – for whom he has fought four times – will feature him in their next event.