Clarking around Asia: Clark Gracie wraps up seminar tour in Philippines and Borneo

Clark Gracie in Borneo

Clark Gracie makes his final Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar stops in the Philippines on August 4, 2014 and in Malaysia on August 8th.


Inventor of the “Clarkoplata”, meme world champion, and spawner of the “clarking” movement, Gracie has been enjoying the tropical countries of Asia throughout July and August. His previous stops included Hong Kong and Phuket, Thailand. The 30-year old grandson of Carlos Gracie has been teaching his brand of open guard attacking in furthering the Gracie line of jiu jitsu across the globe.

The August 4th and 5th seminars are in Manila, Philippines and sponsored by Project Lifestyle Manila. Enquiries can be made by calling 09273155790.

The August 8th seminar will be in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and is sponsored by Borneo Tribal Squad. Enquiries can be made by calling 601116043384.

Clark has certainly enjoyed his time in Asian paradise!


Clark Gracie in Asia
Clark Gracie in the Philippines


Clark Gracie in Thailand


Clark Gracie in Thailand