Full Metal Dojo 11 ‘Sweep all the legs’ Results


Full Metal Dojo 11 – Sweep All The Legs, Insanity Nightclub   4 June 2016


Jaktan “The Man” Tangjan, Hero Factory, Bangkok [Thailand] (0-3) vs Arthit “The Sun” Machungern, Kings of the Sun Team [Thailand] (0-1) 

A fighter with a few more fights worth of experience does make a difference. This fight was a testament to that.  Relying on the knowledge that his opponent came into the cage with mostly Muay Thai skills as part of the game plan, Jaktan paced himself for the first 10 seconds before getting Arthiit into a takedown, then rained punches against his face.  A slightly more inexperienced Arthit made the mistake of presenting his back thus giving Jaktan the opportunity to submit him through rear naked choke in the first round within 3 min 39 Sec.

Winner: Jaktan “The Man” Tangjan, Hero Factory, Bangkok  by Rear Naked Choke – Round 1, 3min 32sec.



Wisava Kaweewarakorn, Maximum Fitness, Phuket [Thailand] (0-2 Pro, 5-0 Am) VS Weerayuth “Oak” Pinyoporn, Bangkok Fight Lab [Thailand] (1-1 Pro, 5-2 Am)  

Wisava’s technical boxing skills came into good use to stun Oak at the start of the fight and allowed him the opportunity to take Oak down.  However, his complacency meant that he did not expect Oak to regain control of the fight,  Oak mounted Wisava and a ground and pound action ensued.  Wisava turned around and gave Oak the opportunity to finish him through rear naked choke in the first round within 3min 16 Sec.

Winner: Weerayuth “Oak” Pinyoporn, Bangkok Fight Lab by Rear Naked Choke – Round 1, 3min 16 Sec.

Women’s Catchweight 

Audrey Laura Boniface, Borneo Tribal Squad [Malaysia] (Debut) vs Sunisa Srisan, KOK Gym, Samut Prakarn [Thailand] (Debut)  

Sunisa just turned 17 and chose to celebrate it with her debut fight against Audrey, another debutante.  Sunisa, a wrestling champion faced an opponent who had been trained by Borneo Tribal Squad’s acclaimed wrestling coach AJ Pyro.

Audrey was quick to try to get Sunisa into a takedown from the start but Sunisa proved to be resilient and stood her ground until the 4th minute when she had no choice but to hit the canvas with Audrey pinned firmly down against her, until Sunisa almost turned the fight around just before Audrey was saved by the bell.

In round 2, it was obvious Sunisa was coming back for the kill.  Sunisa got Audrey into a takedown and rained punches at her with a vengeance, winning the round via referee stoppage.

Winner: Sunisa Srisan, KOK Gym, Samut Prakarn via referee stoppage through strikes (ground and pound), round 2, 1min 33sec.


Phairin Sukkhamueang, Team Jomkwan, Bangkok [Thailand] (0-1) vs Jirawat Aunjai, Hero Factory, Bangkok [Thailand] (Debut)

Phairin was an interesting fighter who seemed to like to orchestrate showmanship into everything from his outlandish appearance at his weigh-in last night, right up to his walk-in at his fight.  His showman tactics if meant to intimidate debutante Jirawat,  did not seem to effect that outcome.

This bout was mostly played on the ground with Jirawat initiating the takedowns and gaining control of the fight by mounting Phairin and raining punches and elbows at him.   Jirawat’s transitions were clumsy, and his inexperience was obvious.  However, where he lacked, he made up for with his persistence and strength.  Phairin  played a defensive game most of the evening because of Jirawat’s aggressiveness and persistence.  Jirawat finally won by unanimous decision for his outstanding effort in his debut fight.  

Winner:  Jirawat Aunjai, Hero Factory, Bangkok, via unanimous decision.


FX “Shuriken” Leal de la Torre, K1 Fight Factory, Phnom Penh [France] (Debut) Vs Trevor McKenzie, Phuket Top Team [USA] (Debut) 

This bout between the 2 debutantes was an interesting one to watch as it was a fight that pit Trevor’s wrestling skills against FX’s striking skills.  Trevor definitely found the gap in FX’s game plan knowing that the latter was more comfortable on his feet.  He wasted no time taking FX down and managed some ground and pound action before FX got back on his feet in a bid to regain control, before the buzzer sounded to end the first round.

In round 2,  FX tried to use his agility and strength as a striker to get the better of Trevor, tripping him and rendering a series of low kicks against him but Trevor’s takedowns were impressively quick and on the ground, he was fun to watch as he transitioned swiftly to get on top to win the fight via armbar.  Trevor put on an impressive performance for one who took the fight at last minute.  He would be an interesting fighter to watch in future.


Winner:  Trevor McKenzie, Phuket Top Team via armbar in round 2, 3min 17sec


Amr Elgohary, Bangkok Fight Lab [Egypt] (1-0 Pro, 6-0 Am) Vs Liam “Panda” Lockyer, Fighting Spirit, Bangkok [Australia] (2-0 Am) debut

This bout started with some boxing action between the 2 fighters followed by unsuccessful takedowns whichwas temporarily stopped by Liam’s illegal low kick.  When the fight continued, Liam’s left hook caused Amr some problems but in an attempt to counter, Amr tore his bicep. With the referee having no choice but to stop the fight,

Liam was declared the winner via TKO.

Winner: Liam Lockyer, Fighting Spirit, Bangkok  via referee stoppage, TKO,  round 1, 1 min 54 sec.


Thanongsaklek “Top Noi” Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket [Thailand] (0-1) vs Sawich “Phetchsamut” Maruang [Thailand] (2-1 Am)

Top was a Muay Thai expert who stepped up his MMA training after watching fellow countrymen, ONE Championship’s Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke and Shannon ‘One Shin’ Wiratchai take the MMA scene by storm on an international stage.

This fight was exciting because of the relentless efforts of both  fighters each with their respective strengths.  Top was clearly more comfortable on his feet and fought well using his agility and strength.  He was quick to get out of Sawich’s dominance on the ground.   Sawich was trying to take the fight to the ground throughout the fight but failed to dominate. Top won via referee stoppage, TKO round 1.

Winner: Thanongsaklek “Top Noi” Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket , via referee stoppage, strikes (ground and pound), round 1, 4min 20 sec 


Ali Motamed, Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket [Iran] (8-1 Am) vs Toni Hitmanos, Phuket Top Team [Israel] (Debut, 7-1 Kickboxing Am, 2-1 Muay Thai)

This was a very quick bout!   This was Toni’s debut and his inexperience on the ground was immediately obvious to Ali.  The bout was  taken to the ground when Toni tripped and Ali took advantage of it by raining kicks and punches against him.  Ali then dominated Toni on the ground and won the fight in 58 sec via rear naked choke.

Winner:  Ali Motamed, Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket, via rear naked choke, round 1, 54 sec


Marcelo “The Latino” Tenorio, Muay Thai Academy, Bangkok [Brazil] (2-1) vs Askar “Jaguar” Mozharov, Combat 360, Khao Lak [Ukraine] (4-2)

Askar was quick to take Marcello to the ground, and followed through with repeated punches to his head. However Marcello was not giving in to Askar’s aggressiveness.  He leveraged his strength to beat Askar via a very sleek armbar within round 1. 

Winner:  Marcelo “The Latino” Tenorio, Muay Thai Academy, via armbar, round 1, 42 sec